See if you can answer these 25 questions from the 1969 game show 'The Generation Gap'

See how you score with questions once posed to Boomers and their parents.

In the winter of 1969, ABC premiered a new primetime game show with a clever premise. A team of three youngsters would square off against a trio of adults in a trivia challenge. It was Boomers versus the Greatest Generation. 

The host, initially Dennis Wholey, would ask the grown-ups a question about the youth of the day, while the adolescents would try to answer questions about the olden days.

The show lasted a mere few months, as it got trounced in the ratings by Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Now that a couple more generations have passed, let's see how we would all fare with the questions from the series premiere. After all, some of you were that young generation snickering at the parents for not knowing who Arlo Guthrie is. Oh, and by the way, one of the kids on the show is David Henesy of Dark Shadows.

Get your buzzers ready! Answers are below.

1. What is the title of Arlo Guthrie's hit 18-minute song?

2. If I say I am "going on the wagon," what am I about to do?

3. This model above is wearing "elephant bells." What are elephant bells?

4. The most popular dog in America today is the poodle. This was the most popular dog of the 1930s. What is the breed? 

5. When was the next presidential election after 1969?

6. What former football player of the Cleveland Browns is now a movie star?

7. Who is Bowie Kuhn?

8. Name the new Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare.

9. Who is Mary Quant?

10. The latest Beatle movie a full-length cartoon called Yellow Submarine. What are these Beatles villains called in the film?

11. Children used to send in box tops to get this ring the host is wearing. It was for a radio program based on which well known cartoon character?

12. If you're deferred for the draft because you are in college, what is your draft classification?

13. A vocal group sold 5 millions copies of the hit "If I Didn't Care" in 1946. This is the singer Bill Kenny. Name the group.

14. At what beach are the famous Florida Stock Car Races held?

15. What singer is related to Roslyn Kind?

16. Name the current Prime Minister of India.

17. What do the initials ROTC stand for?

18. The last pope was John XXIII. Name the reigning Pope of 1969.

19. This TV show starred Wally Cox as a high school teacher, and Tony Randall.

20. Young people collect posters. Name the psychedelic artist that designed these posters.

21. Can you tell us what this button refers to?

22. The Ohio Express scored a hit with "Yummy Yummy Yummy." Complete the lyric: "I've got ______ in my tummy."

23. Abbie Hoffman is the spiritual leader of what group?

24. Name the Welsh singing star whose show comes on right before The Generation Gap.

25. Who is the district attorney of New Orleans?

1. "Alice's Restaurant"
2. Stop drinking alcohol
3. The pair of pants
4. Chow Chow
5. 1972
6. Jim Brown
7. The Commissioner of Major League Baseball
8. Robert Finch
9. British fashion designer
10. The Blue Meanies
11. Little Orphan Annie
12. 2-S
13. The Ink Spots
14. Daytona Beach
15. Barbra Streisand
16. Indira Gandhi
17. Reserve Officers Training Corp
18. Paul VI
19. Mister Peepers
20. Peter Max
21. The actor
22. Love
23. The Yippies
24. Tom Jones
25. Jim Garrison

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idkwut2use 32 months ago
The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed in America for decades, followed by the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd.
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