NASA reveals stunning space station concepts from the 1970s

Would you live on one of these incredible space stations?

Image: NASA

With the moon landing in 1969, it felt like anything was possible. Scientists predicted we would have flying cars by the 21st century, and that soon enough people would be able to live in outer space. 

While we know now that none of that actually happened, scholars in the 1970s conducted studies to test the possibility. In the 1970s, Stanford University teamed up with NASA to create concepts for state-of-the-art, functional space stations. These artist renderings were the result. 

It's easy to dismiss these images as pure fiction, but the reality is they were created with intense scientific research. Who knows, maybe one day they could still happen?

If we couldn't live on Earth, we would definitely want to live on one of these. Check them out!


We wonder how they got a river in Outer Space.


This might as well be the Rocky Mountains. 


With the lack of gravity, people could live on top of each other.



We think The Jetsons would call this place home. 




With livestock and crops, we wouldn't have to worry about being hungry.



NASA via Flickr

These people are having a party, like they don't ever realize they're in space!


The Great Plains or the Milky Way? We can't tell!


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