Millennials try vintage recipes, make faces like toddlers

What vintage recipes did you enjoy?

Olive-Cheese Porcupine. Sequin Salad. Frosted Ribbon Loaf. Recipe cards from the 1950s, '60s and '70s offer up some creative options for supper. These Frankensteinian mash-ups of prepacked foods tickle our nostalgia sensors, if not our tastebuds. There's a reason that several blogs, Tumblrs and Facebook pages are dedicated to retro recipe cards.

Well, the intrepid folks at Buzzfeed have taken the obvious next step and cooked up some of these outlandish party platters. Judging by some reaction to the Jell-O salads, we're guessing they did not grow up in Minnesota? Check out their over-reactions to the "horrifying" eats at "Throwing Up in Rewind."

While dishes like "Ham & Banana Hollandaise" certainly sound bizarre, the stuff isn't that weird, considering we live in a world of Chicken and Waffle flavored potato chips and Doritos Locos Tacos.

In fact, we kind of miss the creativity and "out of the box" (literally) thinking that came from these midcentury marvels. Who has fun like "Frankenfurter Spectacular" anymore?

So that got us thinking. What are your most memorable vintage recipes? What do you wish you could still bring to a party?

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