'MacGyver' is finally coming to the big screen

With a movie and TV show in the works, MacGyver is back on top.

The guy who could fix anything is finally fixing to come back to the big screen. Lionsgate announced today it is developing a film reboot of the hit TV show, MacGyver.

The original series ran on ABC from 1985 to 1992. Series creator Lee David Zlotoff will produce the film along with Neal Moritz, who also produces The Fast and the Furious franchise. 

The movie comes at the same time as CBS plans to reboot the series for television as a prequel to the original MacGyver series. Both CBS and Lionsgate plan to work together to reintroduce the action icon to a younger audience. 

Lionsgate did not release any additional details about the new project, including its budget. But if the TV show is any indication of what the movie will be like, all the studio needs to purchase is a Swiss Army Knife, duct tape, and a pack of gum. 

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