Lost episodes of 'Lost in Space' are finally coming in comic book form

Attention, Will Robinson! Two long-lost scripts of the 1960s TV show are being turned into a comic miniseries.

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Carey Wilber is an unsung hero of science-fiction. The television writer penned scripts for the earliest of all sci-fi shows, Captain Video and His Video Rangers. The scribe also crafted the script for the Star Trek episode "Space Seed," best known as the introduction of Khan. The TV vet earned credits for dozens of series, everything from Rawhide to Wonder Woman.

Lost in Space

  • 4/18 1:00AMThe Flaming Planet
    "Dr. Smith disposes of a plant that has grown out of control, but once outside the plant managed to attach itself to the Jupiter 2. The plant apparently believes that Dr. Smith is its mother, meanwhile the ship is attacked by a brave space warrior."
  • 4/25 1:00AMThe Great Vegetable Rebellion
    "Doctor Smith uses the Space Pod to land on a planet that the Jupiter II is passing by. It turns out that the planet has evolved in such a way that plants are the highest form of life, and some of them are quite intelligent. One of these plants, a large carrot, captures Smith and tries to change him into a plant. The Jupiter II lands and the Robinsons and West come to Smith's rescue, only to be captured themselves. Eventually they thwart the plant creature and make their escape. "
  • 5/2 1:00AMJunkyard in Space
    "The Jupiter 2 lands on a planet which serves as a junkyard. The Robinson's food supply is dwindling, so Dr. Smith tries to sell the robot and the ship in order to get food. Can Dr. Smith be stopped? "
*available in most MeTV markets

He also worked as a writer on six episodes of Lost in Space. Though the number could have been eight.

Two unproduced Lost in Space teleplays by Wilber were discovered in the Irwin Allen Archives. Now, half a century later, we will get to see them brought to life, in two dimensions at least.

American Gothic Press will publish Lost In Space: The Lost Adventures as a six-issue comic book series in March 2016. The first story arc adapts Wilber’s “The Curious Galactics.”

The first issue is available for preorder. That's part of the cover artwork above.

That's not all of the good news for fans of the Robinson Family. Netflix is reportedly developing a remake of the series.

Start dreaming of who should play Dr. Smith.

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