Let's not forget about the 'Brady Bunch' TV movie where Marcia and Jan get married

Who remembers this Brady double wedding?

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For a show that never cracked the Top 40 in the Nielsen ratings, The Brady Bunch sure had a lot of spin-offs.

To start, there was The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, an ill-fated variety show featuring (most of) the original cast. There was also 1988's A Very Brady Christmas, which reunited (most of) the original cast for a festive Christmas dinner.

But there's one continuation that often gets overlooked. We're talking about The Brady Girls Get Married, the 1981 TV movie which features Marcia and Jan planning a double wedding.

The Brady Girls Get Married has the distinction of being the only spin-off that features all of the original cast members. There was no fake Jan, no fake Cindy and no fake Marcia. 

The movie opens with Jan's boyfriend, Phillip, popping the question. Jan enthusiastically says yes, but Mike and Carol have reservations about the middle child getting married before the eldest has a chance to walk down the aisle. Some things never change!

Because this is The Brady Bunch, Jan can't have anything to herself. Therefore, Marcia also gets engaged! To a stranger! Looks like it's going to be a double wedding.

In the meantime, Carol gets a job as a real estate agent, Greg is a doctor, Peter joins the air force and Bobby and Cindy are both college students. Oh, Alice and Sam are also married. 

When it comes to the wedding, the differences between Phillip and Wally, Marcia's fiancé, are apparent from the start. Phillip is an organized professor who wants the wedding to be perfect, presenting alphabetized lists to Jan. Wally, on the other hand, is more of a free spirit who wants an "open wedding."

Marcia and Jan also clash. Marcia wants a modern, flashy wedding, while Jan wants to keep in traditional.

The women decide to compromise, but there's another issue that unfolds — not all the kids can make it to the big day! Carol schemes to push up the date, leaving the guests scrambling rearrange their plans.

We won't spoil the wedding for those who haven't seen The Brady Girls Get Married. But for those who did, you'll remember crying your eyes out, right? (Or maybe that was just us…)

Of course, the film is full of flashbacks to the original series, making it all the more sentimental. 

The Brady Girls Get Married spawned the short-lived spinoff series The Brady Brides, which ran for six episodes before being canceled. 

We may not get a true reunion of The Brady Bunch with the passing of the series' older stars, but we can always hope the kids will get together again, right?

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I'm surprised METV hasn't aired this in the "Brady Brunch" time slot at least once.
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