Check out these incredibly lifelike Kirk and Spock figurines

It's hard to find more detailed figurines than these.

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You'd be mistaken if you thought you were looking at a photo of Captain Kirk and Spock on the original Star Trek series. What you're actually looking at is two incredibly lifelike figurines of the characters.

At Toy Fair 2016, the company Quantum Mechanix released photos of the two detailed figurines. They're 1/6 the size of the actors and stand at about 12 inches tall. 

Both figurines will come with interchangeable hands along with a few other accessories. Kirk will have a phaser, communicator, and translator, while Spock will have a phaser and tricorder. 

There's no cost for the duo just yet, but we can assume they won't be cheap. Previously, Quantum Mechanix released an amazing replica of the U.S.S. Reliant for just under $5,000. The company hasn't set a date for release either. 

As Star Trek's 50th anniversary continues, fans will no doubt have more collectables to add to their wish list. 

Quantum Mechanix

Quantum Mechanix

Quantum Mechanix

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