Keep track of the minor characters of 'The Brady Bunch' with this handy chart

Here's an infographic… of a clan named Brady.

Oh, it was so much more than a story about a lovely lady, three very lovely girls, three boys and a fellow. There was Sam the Butcher, Cousin Oliver, Warren Mullaney, Davy Jones, Joe Namath, Tiger and so many more. The Brady Bunch was a big, blended family to begin with, and the show filled its colorful world with dozens of memorable classmates, coworkers and crushes.

It can be a bit overwhelming to remember them all, so we whipped up this visual guide to the minor characters of The Brady Bunch. See how many of these friends and foes you can remember!

Illustration: Jeannine Riske

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bradyguy 10 months ago
Okay...I had to search the page for a TINY LITTLE PRINT that said who the illustrator was... Way to go, JEANNINE RISKE!!! I love it!! She should have been given LARGE PRINT credit at the top of the page, MeTV!! My favorite is Mr.'s perfect!!

I would LOVE to see MORE of Ms. Riske's work on the BB. There are SO many more characters I'd like to see her immortalize - First...RACHEL! C'mon...she deserves it for the horrible dates Greg (and Bobby...and Spunker!) subjected her to.

Then I want to see Kartoon King (who looks a LOT like Santa Claus), Harold Axelrod as Romeo, Lucy Winter and Margie Whipple, Millicent, Tami Cutler and Buddy Berkman, Arthur (which would look just like Chris Knight, of course...), Sergeant Emma, Jethro Collins, Robert Nadder as either the photographer, or The Silver Platter salesman, and Herb Vigran as either the Checker Trading Stamp guy or the DMV guy in his underwear, even if we only see his head, and Raquel, the goat.

And finally, Herlo and Shim, the Kaplutians, played by the marvelous Frank and Sadie Delfinio, whom I had the pleasure of going to church with for several years in the late 60s and 70s...
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