Infographic: Follow Lucy and Ricky on their season five European vacation in 'I Love Lucy'

Trace the path of the Ricardos across Europe, as seen in 12 episodes of the classic sitcom.

Summer is just around the corner and we should all be thinking about vacation. Sure, you can flip through travel guides and glossy getaway magazines, but a true TV lover need look no further than sitcoms for itinerary inspiration.

In season five, episode 10 of I Love Lucy, Ricky's big band books a European tour. The following week, Lucy hides in a steamer trunk, hoping to tag along. Thankfully, she — and you — have no need for such cramped quarters. While the Ricardos took a boat across the Atlantic, you can fly. 

Lucy and Ricky's voyage across Europe gets started in England in "Lucy Meets the Queen," episode 15. The trek across the continent lasts the remaining 12 episodes of the season and delivers iconic moments like Lucy stomping grapes.

We wanted to trace the Ricardos' footsteps on a map. You can see it above. Here are the episodes in the voyage:

"Lucy Meets the Queen"

"The Fox Hunt"

"Lucy Goes to Scotland"

"Paris at Last"

"Lucy Meets Charles Boyer"

"Lucy Gets a Paris Gown"

"Lucy in the Swiss Alps"

"Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy"

"Lucy's Italian Movie"

"Lucy's Bicycle Trip"

"Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo"

"Return Home from Europe" 

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