Graphic designer turns 'Star Trek' episodes into stunning posters

We are always on the lookout for ways to show off our TV fandom in style. Thankfully, Mark Gonyea, a graphic designer in Vermont, has crafted this striking and subtle summations of every single Star Trek

episode, from "The Man Trap" to "Turnabout Intruder." That's "The Enemy Within" in the upper left corner above.

He dubs his series of prints 'Minimal Trek' and the project just reached its goal on Kickstarter. The prints are available as postcards or posters, in bundles ranging from $10 to $95. If you go all in, you also get his cute pictographic poster tale called 'Ten Little Red Shirts.' There are three more weeks left to jump in on the project, and the prints will be ready before the holidays. Just a hint to our friends who are reading this.

True Trekkies, head to his Kickstarter page and see if you can match every image to the episode.

Watch the original Star Trek Saturdays at 9PM | 8C on MeTV.
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