Did you have a Gilhoolie in your kitchen?

This dentist-designed opener first appeared in kitchens in 1953. It made popping open those pickles a breeze. Plus, it's just really fun to say.

Opening jars can be a workout. Thankfully, W.C. Fuller, a former dentist who was no doubt familiar with devices to wrench stubborn objects, invented the Gilhoolie. The handheld kitchen appliance debuted in 1953 and ultilized basic physics to help you get to that mayonaise faster. As the patent proudly boasted, "It is immaterial how large or how small these caps and covers may be… by the same token, this opener may be employed to re-secure the screw caps." Yes, you could use your Gilhoolie to put the lids back on EXTRA TIGHT so those without a Gilhoolie could never open the jars.

In the 1970s and 1980s, it was more commonplace to find a little square of rubber in top drawers to help with twisting open pickle jars. But they could never do the trick like the trusty Gilhoolie. Plus, it's just fun to say Gilhoolie. What a great doohickey.

Did you have a Gilhoolie?

Image courtesy of Etsy/GOSHENPICKERS

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