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mojomoonjo 19 months ago
And since you asked...I don't like svengoolie but I love Sventoonie!
I'd like a SVENTOONIE tumbler mug or tee!
mojomoonjo 19 months ago
PROBLEM: You still don't have any cool MANNIX tees in your store.
morkandmindy 20 months ago
Has METV given any thought about showing full-length feature films from the 60's & 70's? I'm aware they show Svengoolie on Saturday nights but it's always horror-type stuff (not really my thing.) Has there been any discussion about maybe showing a film (comedy/suspense/drama) on say, later Sunday evening? Might liven things up a bit. Just a suggestion.
morkandmindy 20 months ago
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason is one of my all-time great actors, if not THE greatest. Definitely the best TV lawyer, hands down. Any thoughts on adding his other show, Ironside? That show was on NBC for eight seasons. A classic. Other NBC shows I enjoyed were: Emergency!, Then Came Bronson (starring Michael Parks) and Movin' On, (starring the great Claude Akins & Frank Converse.) All early 70's.
morkandmindy 20 months ago
Any luck trying to pick up Baretta, Marcus Welby, M.D., and the FBI? All three of those programs were hits on ABC back in the late 60's-early 70's. I also liked Kung Fu, starring David Carradine. Another ABC show.
Pjones 20 months ago
Bring back buck rogers
DanDo77 Pjones 20 months ago
Buck Rogers returns to METV, but not until on Sunday, April 24 at 6am. Yes it will be on at 6am on Sundays, but you can set your DVR to watch it any time after it records. The Powers of MatthewStar will be removed to make room for Buck Rogers.
smidro1 20 months ago
What happened to wild wild Wild West I love that show..
lbwilmoth 20 months ago
Twilight zone and A.Hitchcock are the 2 shows that I wish were on earlier in the evening.
Benny Hill would be good for late night.
Tygirl 20 months ago
LOVE METV! All my "oldie but goodie" shows, especially Toon In With Me. The best cartoons and the cast are harlaious!! Keep up the great programming,METV!!
Catman 20 months ago
I took the survey but balked at the end because I didn't want to submit my email address. I probably wouldn't shop at the METV store anyway, not much my style. I just like the website for the videos, the quizzes, and the games.
sly8ball Catman 20 months ago
that's why I setup a junk email if for family, friends, etc but site that 'demand' your email I give them the junk email....set mine up on yahoo...
Catman sly8ball 20 months ago
There are lots of "fake email" sites out there too, where you can set up a temporary email for signing up for stuff. I just wasn't all that motivated. But if you google "fake email account" you'll get lots of hits.
DanDo77 Catman 20 months ago
I used my Gmail address.
Jeffrey 20 months ago
I didn't take the survey because I don't shop in the MeTV Store, never have, never will.
sly8ball Jeffrey 20 months ago
they're over priced....interested in an item, found same item elsewhere....guess who got my $$?
Moriyah 20 months ago
Speaking of surveys, I have a survey for y'all to fill out. I encourage y'all to fill it out so I could see y'all's opinions on it. But I cant say much about it right now, but here's the form.
Moriyah Moriyah 20 months ago
This is the updated link.
harlow1313 Moriyah 20 months ago
The link leads to the following:

"You need permission
This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Learn More."
Moriyah harlow1313 20 months ago
Oh, I'm sorry. What is your email address? So I could send you the link from there?
Moriyah harlow1313 20 months ago
Nevermind, I just changed the settings. Here's the newly updated version.
BarryFoley Moriyah 20 months ago
SCAM ..... SCAM ... SCAM
Moriyah BarryFoley 20 months ago
I'm sorry. I forgot to make it not restricted. You see, the device I use for this website is on my school Chromebook, and they're probably more private about that kind of stuff too.
ElwooodBlues 20 months ago
Link to survey doesn’t work for me, i.e. doesn’t open page. If I hold it asks to open link on internet, then survey instructions say sign in on Google. I don’t use Google. From what I have seen on store website it is mostly “cheesy” merchandise and overpriced. Most of this stuff I’ve seen at flea markets and local fairs at one-third the price.
JHP 20 months ago
you know crowd?

blockbuster never died - Me-Tv (not really talking them down) a lot of 2nd tier networks do the dumpster diving: that being said

Me-tv - bring back

car-54 where are you?
bob newhart - the 70s-80-show (need my Suzanne P fix)
Phil Silvers show (aka Bilko)
odd couple - 70s and 80s show

there are others I want to see but its screaming in the Grand Canyon

yes I know that those shows are on some other BF network in this country

Hollie JHP 20 months ago
lol sorry ..none of the above need to come back
DanDo77 JHP 20 months ago
Some of those shows are on Decades Channel (sister channel of METV), You can check your local affiliate station or cable provider. Most providers that have METV have the Decades Channel, as well.
JHP Hollie 20 months ago
point point - I think I see a AMC fan here:)

Me-Tv was almost built for B/W tvs:)
JHP DanDo77 20 months ago
I know ; its OTA here and its a pain - rather have them to go my DVR:) - to view when there is Mamas family and Full (of something) House to watch

that sister is locked up in a closet:)
LoveMETV22 20 months ago
PS: I enjoy a majority of present programs MeTV airs, There are a number of good programs they have broadcast since the network began. I'm sure the network has their programming decisions and maybe some of the other programs are not available to them presently. It would be interesting if they did a survey in that regard.
Moriyah LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Have you seen my most recent comment above? It's a Gomer Pyle survey. I encourage you to take it
Deleted 20 months ago
This comment has been removed.
ETristanBooth 20 months ago
What little they have for sale is why I've never purchased anything there. It's almost totally t-shirts, which I don't wear. They could put old TV series logos, etc. on all sorts of products, and then I'd probably buy something.
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