Collector's Call with Lisa Whelchel returns for all-new third season on MeTV

In this 23-episode season, host Lisa Whelchel once again asks our collectors if they want to hang on to what they have... or swap it out.

Dust off your comic books, get your mint-condition toys ready, and get ready to see some truly astounding collections as MeTV's Collector's Call returns for an all-new season three!

Last season on Collector's Call, we saw a Barbie bonanza, a Mickey Mouse menagerie, a Snoopy smorgasboard and many other jaw-dropping collections. Now, get ready for a whole new array of memorabilia!

Lisa Whelchel, fondly remembered for her role as Blair on The Facts of Life, returns as the host for the third season, which arrives on MeTV on Sunday, March 27 at 6:30P | 5:30C! In each half-hour episode, Lisa will go into the home of a collector with an expert appraiser, exploring the treasures each collector has gathered over the years and hearing the stories behind them.

Each episode, our collector will be offered a trade between a beloved item of their collection and a brand-new coveted trophy. Will they make the trade? It's the collector's call!

In this 23-episode season, we'll explore collections based around movie props, Wonder Woman, Charlie's Angels, Lost in Space and so much more.

“This season takes the series to a whole new level of amazement, fun and surprise,” says Lisa Whelchel. “Some of the collections we’ll see are museum-worthy, with home takeovers devoted to displaying beloved treasures, each one with a heart-warming story behind it.”

Can't wait for March 27 to get your Collector's Call fix? Play Collector's Call Shuffle in the MeTV arcade now!

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JimmyRad75 1 month ago
In case one misses an episode, will it stream on this website? MeTV did that for the first season, I believe, but not for the second.
rabil 1 month ago
Glad Collector's Call is back! I've missed it. I hope she visits some railroad and model railroad collections. I also love seeing Monk. One of the best shows ever.
JimmyRad75 2 months ago
Quite the difference in time slot- will make good dinner-time viewing. Much looking forward to the Wonder Woman collection. And, looks like we'll see in-person and virtual visits.
PernellDH 2 months ago
Glad that "Collector's Call" is coming back to MeTV!
dth1971 2 months ago
Guess it took a year off due to the COVID pandemic in 2021.
I wonder if The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet still comes on RETRO
TV . I used to receive RETRO TV as
a Subchannel of channel 13 WSET
In Lynchi VA until channel 13 Dropped
RETRO TV a few years ago.
Watching Wally Plumstead (Skip Young) and Ginger (Charlene Salerno)
Fighting was Funny and Ginger
Always Won the Fight
I believe you can watch The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet on Pluto TV and Tubi.
I think there are several other commenters that come from the same area as you. Perhaps they know what happened to Retro TV or if it is still on their list of programs.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
Toys are so expensive today, but are totally AWESOME too!
Kenner 2 months ago
I always see her as Blair. Like “Blair, don’t drop that one of a kind Superman statue.”! Lol.😀
VaughnBaskin 2 months ago
MeTV's got The Big 5 VJ's, Svengoolie, Kerwyn, Lisa, Billy, and Toony!
Moody 2 months ago
I don't watch this show but I think it's a good fit for MeTv. It's about nostalgia & classic tv after all. I just wish they would freshen up the rest of the schedule. I don't watch this channel as much as I used to.
Shatner1 Moody 2 months ago
I agree! I don't watch it but it fits into the theme for many MeTv viewers unlike the rest of Sundays schedule!!!
FeloniousPunk 2 months ago
Yay! It's about time! Hopefully someone will have a Spider-Man collection this season.
nd1irish 2 months ago
Great news. Fan of the show.
Jeffrey 2 months ago
Well, I'm glad to see that Collector's Call is coming back for a third season. I missed it & thought it was cancelled and never coming back. But I'm glad it is.
KawiVulc 2 months ago
Probably give it a shot... some of the collections from previous seasons looked interesting but the show was slotted when WGAL 8 in Lancaster likes to dump MeTV for their, heh, "news". Honestly, if I wanted to be subjected to their BS I'd pick up the remote.
Moody KawiVulc 2 months ago
Our local affiliate does the same thing. Every night at 9pm they show their local news show.
ColleenBender 2 months ago
Sundays are METV's worst day, we are overloaded with another day of MASH, and Mayberry. As for Monk, it is an awful replacement for Columbo. Why is it even on MeTV? It's not even classic TV.

Please get rid of Monk and put on an older mystery. Or how about a prime time mystery movie on Sunday nights.
Moody ColleenBender 2 months ago
They have some good 70's era shows like Cannon & Mannix but they're on in the middle of the night. Why not put those on Sunday night?
327053 ColleenBender 2 months ago
Yes!! Monk needs to get the boot!!!
327053 ColleenBender 2 months ago
Like the Sunday movie idea 👍
LoveMETV22 2 months ago
I have to wonder, why is Sunday the only day changes are made to. There are 6 other days waiting for a schedule change of some sort. Aside from Toon In With ME and Saturday morning Cartoons, every change has been on Sunday.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 2 months ago
Yes why is that? 🤔
Shatner1 LoveMETV22 2 months ago
Great point!!
timothys71 2 months ago
I actually kind of like this show, although in some ways it's a little out of character for Me TV. Glad to see that it won't be displacing Ed Sullivan or Carol Burnett on Sunday evenings, as I love both of those shows, and Collectors Call previously ran in that time slot. OK, I'll admit it; I think Lisa Whelchel is pretty cool too. She is most famous for playing Blair on "The Facts Of Life", but she was also a Mouseketeer in the late 1970's when she was a teenager.
ColleenBender timothys71 2 months ago
The thing they need to replace on Sunday night is Monk. That show shouldn't even be on MeTV as it is a 2000s era show that is already on repeats everywhere else.
My thoughts exactly.
Moonpie 2 months ago
Great news! I love this show!
LoveMETV22 2 months ago
I wonder if MeTV will be making any other schedule changes for the Spring?
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 2 months ago
We can only hope.
I would like to see The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
And Alice and Lone Ranger and
Get Smart and Love American Style on METV.
To me Wally Plumstead played by Skip Young on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Bag ZOMBROSKI played by Neil J Schwartz are the Funniest
Characters on
On those two TV series .
I would also like to see Mr Ed
And The Real McCoys on METV
And also I would like to see
The Smothers Brothers Show
And My Favorite Martian and
Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanne on METV.
Also thanks for letting me know
that you are also a fan of Marsha Simms Chuck Cunningham Bag ZOMBROSKI and Moose on Happy Days .
Chuck CUNNINGHAM and Bag
Should have been in more
Episodes of Happy Days
The Smothers Brothers Show
Was a Sitcom where Tom played an angel.Also are you A FAN OF
SKIP Young who played Wally
Plumstead and Charlene Salerno
Who played Ginger the girlfriend
Of Wally.
Moody LoveMETV22 2 months ago
I doubt it. Many have been asking for some changes for quite some time & they just ignore us. The schedule really needs a refresh.
LoveMETV22 Moody 2 months ago
Wholeheartedly agree " The schedule really needs a refresh".
Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie are on Antennae. My Favorite Martian joins them on their new Spring schedule. Hint to Metv--The other nostalgic channels have new schedules in the spring!!!!
Alice is on Antenna TV and I think Ozzie & Harriet is, too (or maybe it's on Decades). I could go for Love, American Style, though and The Smothers Brothers. (Should I have been watching them in grade school? Too late now, I suppose...)
Also would like to have the following for MeTV...
The Doris Day Show
Please Don't Eat the Daisies
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Bob Newhart Show
Family Affair
daDoctah 2 months ago
I've got a couple of vinyl albums by Pink Lady (of "and Jeff" fame). Suppose anybody'd be interested?
I have several soft rock oldies record albums by different artists that are classic songs(Earth Angel Pretty Little Angel Eyes PS I Love You Do You
Want To Know A Secret ETC.
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