Birthday wishes to a Honeymooner!

Though The Honeymooners is currently on hiatus from the MeTV schedule, we couldn’t let this pass by without sending a 90th birthday greeting to Joyce Randolph, the last surviving member of the famous TV foursome.

Born in Detroit in 1924, she moved to New York City in 1943 to pursue her dreams of becoming an actor, finding work on both the Broadway stage and in television. After being spotted by Jackie Gleason in a Clorets commercial (hey, you young actors out there—you never know where those big breaks are going to come from), Joyce was invited to appear on the DuMont network’s popular Cavalcade of Stars program. Impressed by her work, Gleason cast her as Trixie, wife of Art Carney’s Ed Norton.

Joyce Randolph had met Audrey Meadows in the early ‘50s in a most interesting way. Here’s an interview with the star as she discusses how she and Audrey Meadows (Alice Kramden*, of course) became fast friends years before they became co-stars.

Happy Birthday, Joyce Randolph!

*It literally just hit us as we typed the word “Kramden.” It’s supposed to mean “crammed in,” isn’t it? Like they’re crammed in to that tiny apartment. Or perhaps, Ralph, as Alice would occasionally point out, was crammed in to his pants. What do you think? Are we late to the game on this one? We’re not going to Google that one, because we’d be embarrassed to learn how obvious a piece of wordplay it is and was intended to be.

It's Tuesday, and that means tonight's Comedy Conundrum delivers a full hour of Taxi, each one a 'boy meets girl' story. At 10PM/9C, Carol Kane appears for the first time as Simka and becomes a love interest for Latka, the unforgettable Andy Kaufman.

Then at 10:30PM/9:30C, Bobby's acting career takes off when he meets his super agent Nora. But is mixing business and pleasure a good thing for everyone involved? Jeff Conaway is Bobby, with Susan Sullivan as his agent.

It's one of the most memorable ensemble comedies ever, and it's rolling your way tonight on MeTV!

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