Welcome to the new MeTV.com! Here's how to use the new features.

Customize the MeTV site to YOUR favorites!

Hi! Welcome to the new MeTV.com!

We have added fresh features that help you put the "Me" in MeTV. You can create a personalized experience to better engage with your favorite shows and other fans.

Love The Flintstones? Create an account and be the first to receive fun Flintstones content — and get reminders about upcoming episodes!

Why should you register? Once you are logged in and all set up, the MeTV.com website customizes to your preferences as a fan. The content about your favorite shows filters to the top. The schedule page adjusts to your location and how you watch MeTV. Plus, we can send you notifications that will tell you when there are new quizzes and stories related to your favorite shows, and remind you when notable episodes are about to air.

Let's say you love The Flintstones and The Andy Griffith Show. MeTV.com will prioritize content related to those classic shows. That makes it easier to find the latest Bedrock or Mayberry quiz. Neat, huh?

So, let's create an account!

1) Creating a MeTV.com User Account

Up top on the right, you will find a link that says "Log In." It's next to a little round picture of a stick figure. Don't worry — you'll be able to customize your avatar in a bit. Click that link.

That opens a login window. At the top it says "Click here to register" in blue. You can click that — or quickly register with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account by clicking one of those buttons.

Fill out the form. Enter your name, email address and the username you want people to see on comments. Come up with a password. You're going to have to prove you're not a robot. Sorry, robots.

After you hit the "Submit" button, we'll shoot you over an email to confirm your address and finish the registration.

Hooray, you have a MeTV.com account! Now the fun begins!

You'll probably want to customize your avatar. Click on your user name on the upper right to open up a window with your account details.


Click the blue text under the picture that says "Update Image." You can choose one of our colorful avatars or upload your own image.

2) Setting Up Your Favorites

There are a few ways to pick your favorite shows.

When you scroll down the MeTV.com homepage, you'll find blocks devoted to popular MeTV shows under "Favorite Shows" and "More Favorites."

If you yabba-dabba-adore The Flintstones, click the yellow "Add to favorites" button under Fred and Barney. Shazam! It's now one of your favorites!

You can find more suggested titles to favorite in the blue buttons a little lower and to the right under "Favorite Shows."

Our course, MeTV offers dozens of shows, so you may not see your favorite on the homepage. No problemo! Click "Shows" on the menu at the top of the page. On the Shows page, you'll find everything we currently air. Favorite away to your heart's content!

Your picks will now appear under "Favorite Shows" on the homepage. Each box has links to the latest stories and quizzes related to those shows. No digging needed!

3) Setting Reminders

Okay, now your favorite shows are locked in. You probably also noted buttons next to "Add to Favorites" that say "Remind Me" with a little calendar icon. If you click one of those under a show title, you can set up an alert.

We'll send you a text or email to remind you when your favorite show is about to air on MeTV. You can opt for a one-time reminder or set up a recurring reminder for every time we air your favorite.

If you go to the Schedule page — click "Schedule" on the menu bar at the top of the page — you can also set reminders for any specific episode coming up on the MeTV schedule. Nifty!

Look back up top next to your user name and avatar. You'll see a cute little bell. Click that bell to go to your Notifications page. There, you will find your current notifications and a button to change your settings.

4) Posting Comments

When you are logged in with your MeTV account, you can also leave comments on any piece of content. You'll find them at the bottom of the page, just like, well, all over the internet. 

Brag about your quiz scores! Share your memories! We just ask that you keep it cordial.

Have fun on MeTV.com!

So, now that you are all set up and a part of the MeTV community, comment below and tell us what the first show is that you will Favorite — and why!

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lg21 15 months ago
How do I watch the TV shows on my phone. I can't watch anything.
Qarol 15 months ago
Where are MeTV's responses to questions? They are rudely ignored on this thread. I just signed up today. What a deeply disappointing "welcome" to MeTV world.
JGRIDLOCK60 27 months ago
I cannot figure out how to watch MeTV on the website. I thought you were offering free streaming. Please help!
hodapp 34 months ago
We REALLY need a streaming solution for MeTV. I realize you are protecting the local stations and advertisers, but there must be a way solve this issue. We are on the road in an RV for 5 months out of the year and MeTV is one of the only networks we regularly watch. Too often we are in a distant rural setting that cannot receive the MeTV station. If we had an AppleTV app for you, this would be solved. Your loyal viewers have been begging for a streaming solution for two years now. Help us!
regina3578 34 months ago
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bcpnatl 34 months ago
I wish you would bring back The Fugitive!. That was my favorite show of any you air. I remember my parents talking about it when I was a kid, but I'd never seen it until I discovered it on METV about three years ago or so, and I loved it. That is such a great show, and you only had it on one night/week. I can't believe you took it off.
TammyBeer 34 months ago
what is going on with Me tv I can get it in the morning hours up until the afternoon then bang in evening hours it GOne and says no signal
screen200053 TammyBeer 34 months ago
I used to have the same problem but not anymore - the thing you need to do is (1) locate the Broadcast tower (distance & direction) from where you live (2) point your antenna in that direction (if it is say, over 30 miles - you most likely will need a outdoor antenna) I hope this helps -
Good Luck!
TammyBeer 34 months ago
Hi. can I stream to ruku since my antenna. Doesn't pull me tv. All the time
Debra 35 months ago
how about some deputy dawg, harveytoons, terrytoons, bugs bunny...
Debra 35 months ago
i am super excited about the flintstones. favorite cartoon ever!
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