A new I Love Lucy is returning to TV… in Latvia

When I Love Lucy

last aired new episodes, Eisenhower was in office. Of course, Lucille Ball later returned to television for The Lucy Show and Life with Lucy, but sadly no new Lucy shows are on the horizon. Well, unless you live in Latvia.

Sixteen years ago LNT (Latvian Independent Television), a network in the Baltic state, launched Sirdsmīļā Monika (Darling Monika), a remake of I Love Lucy. The show was a massive success. Monika became a household name in the country that once sat behind the Iron Curtain. 

Today, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, CBS Studios International announced a deal to again reboot I Love Lucy for the Latvian market, bringing the same cast back for another 10 episodes of Darling Monika this September. “There is arguably no one in the country who isn’t familiar with the bubbly and energetic character," said Ginta Bormane of MTG TV in Latvia.

Monika Rambāniem is a vivacious housewife (that's her above in the pink robe) whose husband, Robert, is a minor celebrity. The Rambāniems get into adventures with their older neighbors and landlords, Hilda and Žanis Vimbu. Now you know how the Ricardos and Mertzes translate into Latvian.

You can catch up with the good old American I Love Lucy Weekdays at 7:30AM | 6:30C and Sundays at 4PM | 3C on MeTV.
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