A Colorado man has turned his entire home into a Star Trek set

A model home?

There are levels to Star Trek fandom, like warp factors. There's your average fan and then there's the Trekkie. And then there's Steve Doman, a man in the Rocky Mountains who is warp factor 12 on the Trekkie scale. The 69-year-old have converted his home into a shrine of all things Trek. 

Though it looks like a quaint mountain retreat from the outside, the interior is pure starship. “Right now my favorite room is the Federation room – and I sleep in the Klingon Ambassador quarters," he tells the New York Post [click to see more] via the Caters News Agency. Well, of course. Why settle for less? 

Head over to the site to take a tour of his home in 22 images. We particularly like the kitchen. 

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