5 must-see episodes this week on MeTV

Today, the new fall schedule kicks off on MeTV. To celebrate, we're highlighting five favorites returning to the lineup.

1) Family Affair " One for the Little Boy"
September 1, 6:30 AM | 5:30 C

Family Affair revolved around a bachelor father raising his brother's children with the help a refined British gentleman, played by Sebastian Cabot. However, for nine episodes, after Cabot suffered a health scare from bleeding ulcers, his character Mr. French was replaced by another Mr. French. John Williams — the Hitchcock veteran, not the film composer — appears as French's dapper brother. In this first appearance of Williams' substitute, the boys go to a baseball, including some vintage stock footage from the era.

2) Matlock "Diary of a Perfect Murder (Part 2)"
September 1, 10AM | 9C

The conclusion to the pilot episode of Andy Griffith's beloved comeback series. Here we get our first introduction to a slew of characters in Ben Matlock's world. Fun bit of trivia: Dean Hargrove, who wrote this two-parter, cut his teeth writing for Bob Newhart, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Columbo

3) Hogan's Heroes "Easy Come, Easy Go"
September 4, 10PM | 9C

Last week, we shared 11 incredibly true facts about Hogan's Heroes. Now the fan-favorite sitcom returns to primetime on MeTV. We jump in late in the run, in the sixth and final season. The creators broke the mold a bit near the end. This zippy episode gets away from Stalag 13, and Germany, as Hogan heads to London as a double agent — with Klink at his side.

4) The Honeymooners "T.V. or Not T.V."
September 6, 10:30PM | 9:30 C

Our Sunday night block of Last Laughs begins with some of the greatest half hours of sitcoms ever made. "T.V. or Not T.V.", which aired 60 years ago, was the first official episode of the The Honeymooners sitcom, after the characters had appeared for years in popular skits on Cavalcade of Stars and The Jackie Gleason Show. What's fascinating, considering the technology was still fairly new to the average household, is that this comedy classic revolves around the power of a television set to threaten the friendship of the Nortons and Kramdens.

5) Mary Tyler Moore "His Two Right Arms"
September 6, 12PM | 11 C

One of the most important shows in television history returns with a curious episode of note. This season two finale was an attempt to create a spin-off centering around a dim bulb of a local politician, played by Bill Daily of I Dream of Jeannie (and eventually, after this MTM episode failed to click, The Bob Newhart Show).
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