5 must-see episodes this week on MeTV

This week's MeTV highlights include a prankathon at the 4077th, Vincent Price playing a demented wizard, the first ever gathering of the Sweathogs, and some priceless business lessons courtesy of Jan and Marcia. Tune in or set your DVR!

M*A*S*H "The Joker is Wild"
Monday, August 17, 7PM | 6C
This lighthearted entry in the 11th and final season of the series tends to be divisive, but it is a nice shout-out to the departed Trapper John. B.J. is tired of hearing about Trapper's pranking prowess, and sets out to prove he is the master of pranks. Turns out, the ultimate prank on Hawkeye is no prank at all.

Night Gallery "The Return of the Sorcerer"
Tuesday, August 18, 2AM | 1C
The incomparable Vincent Price stars as the titular sorcerer alongside a pre-Hulk Bill Bixby in this tale of dark magic. This first episode of the third season of Rod Serling's serial is appropriately dark and trippy. It'll scratch the itch of those awaiting Marvel's Dr. Strange movie.

Welcome Back, Kotter "Welcome Back"
Thursday, August 20, 10PM | 9C
The pilot episode! In this first Kotter, a Brooklyn teacher gets a job at his rough and tough alma mater in Bensonhurst. "Gangs there don't use guns. They insert the bullets manually." Meet the Sweathogs for the first time. 

Batman "The Zodiac Crimes" and "The Joker's Hard Times"
Saturday, August 22, 7PM | 6C
The first two parts of a three-part story, dubbed a "Batman Special" at the start of 1967, this trilogy serves as a Batman movie, of sorts. Two big baddies team up, as the Penguin and Joker enlist a giant clam to end the Dynamic Duo.

The Brady Bunch "Marcia Gets Creamed"
Sunday, August 23, 12:30PM | 11:30C
One of the best Marcia episodes of all time. (See the full list and rank them here!) The eldest Brady girl gets a job at an ice cream parlor. She fires Peter and hires Jan, who ends up usurping her power.
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