5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of December 14

This week, meet the Sweathogs and Festus for the first time! Travel inside Robot B-9! See Patty Duke as a psychic!

The holiday season carries on, as A Very Merry MeTV delivers Christmas episodes weeknights at 9PM | 8C, but that is not all. The schedule is decorated with dozens of Yule delights this week, as Santa stops by everything from Car 54 to Dobie Gillis. We've unwrapped a handful of other treats including a psychic Patty Duke and a giant robot. Here are five highlights from the upcoming week.

Vega$ "Christmas Story"
Wednesday 16 at 9PM | 8C

Robert Urich starred as Dan Tanna in this late-'70s detective series set in Sin City. In this seasonal selection, Tanna's romantic holiday is thrown for a loop with the arrival of his long lost 11-year-old daughter, played by Jill Whelan, a.k.a. Vicki Stubing of The Love Boat.

Night Gallery "With Affection, Jack the Ripper"
Thursday 17 at 2:30AM | 1:20C

The Sixth Sense, which had no relation to the later "I see dead people" film, centered around the paranormal nonetheless. In some ways, the 1972 series was a precursor to The X-Files, as investigators Gary Collins and Catherine Ferrar dug into eerie mysteries. Only lasting two seasons, the hour-long Sixth was recycled into 30-minute episodes of Rod Serling's Night Gallery. This fun installment centers around Patty Duke, a psychic who summons the spirit of Jack the Ripper.

Welcome Back, Kotter "Welcome Back"
Saturday 19 at 6AM | 5C

See where the Sweathog began in the pilot episode of the sitcom. Gabe has his first day at James Buchanan — and quits. Barbarino and the gang convince him to stick around. Oddly, this introduction was the third episode to air in season one.

Gunsmoke "Us Haggens"
Saturday 19 at 1PM | 12C

Some celebrate Festivus. This week, we celebrate Festus. The adored Ken Curtis character made his first appearance in this season eight episode. The soon-to-be deputy has a slightly different persona early on, one that is less comedic and wilier.

Lost in Space "Trip Through the Robot"
Saturday 19 at 12AM | 11C

In season two, Irwin Allen's sci-fi classic steered more towards its growing audience of children. This tale from late in the second year, however, swings back into wonder-filled drama as Dr. Smith and Will explore the inner body of B-9, who has grown into a giant. We are suckers for a giant robot.  Bill Mumy shines here, displaying Will's deep feelings for the robot.

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