27 things you forgot you used to have to do

When's the last time you licked a stamp or turned a television knob?

Whether technology has made life easier or more difficult is up for debate. Whatever the case, it has made life undeniably different. Daily activities that we used to do without a thought are now bygone memories. Heck, there are some people who don't even remember the shrill sound of a modem.

Here are things we used to do all the time that we haven't done in a long time. Do you miss them? Do you still do them?

1. Pick up the phone to figure out who was calling you.

2. Wait two seconds for the "9" to roll around on the dial when you called them back.

3. Walk to the television to turn down the volume.

4. Adjust the V-hold while you were up.

5. Pull out a telescoping antenna.

6. Tear the stupid dots off the paper any time you printed something.

7. Hold a camera to your eye.

8. Clean the gunk off the ball in your mouse.

9. Puncture an aluminum can of Juicy Juice with a sharp metal object just to get something to drink.

10. Individually lock every car door.

11. Work our your bicep muscles to roll up the windows, too.

12. Know how to use this in school.

13. Turn the slides right side up in the carousel.

14. Use heat and fire to make popcorn, not magic microwave boxes.

15. Ditto for one of these.

16. Rely on this, not autocorrect.

17. Push this stubborn thing down after it jammed.

18. Wake up when the alarm went off because there was no "Snooz-Bar."

19. Plug in a comb.

20. Do your taxes on paper.

21. Lick a stamp.

22. Choose between widescreen and full screen when purchasing a video.

23. Rewind that video.

24. Put the milk bottles outside for the milkman.

25. Withdraw money from a bank teller.

26. Put up this red flag as the send button on your outgoing mail.

27. Stare at the back of someone's head because there was no stadium seating.

Images: Thinkstock.; Electric comb image: wishbookweb.com; TV dinner image: AP Photo

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BobFoster 12 months ago
#20 I remember every April 15th when the Postal employees would work late to recieve the last minute tax returns
The main post office in Chicago would have employees standing outside late on April the 15th
RedSamRackham 38 months ago
* You needed a page of instructions to work the slide rule. * Lick corner of envelope instead of stamp so glue will not come off of the stamp. * Rotary phone dials were so noisy! ♣
Dario RedSamRackham 25 months ago
I never found the phone dial to be "noisy," as you put it, when I used that style of phone from childhood until my early adulthood in the early 1990s. Boy, you post some of the dumbest comments on these post, fella!
idkwut2use 38 months ago
#16 is so wonderfully smooth and perfect when it works, and so infuriating when it doesn’t (which, as with most things, is the more frequent occurrence.) Wish I had a flag on my mailbox so the blasted person would know to take what we leave in there.
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