15 satisfying sounds kids today will never hear

We miss the "clank" of a typewriter.

1. Typewriter

Typing documents never felt as satisfying as hearing the clank of the keys and the ding warning you the page is about to end.

2. Rotary Phone

Before there were speed dials and iPhone address books, there was the whoosh of the dial on a rotary phone. 

3. Gas station bell

Love it or hate it, self-service is the norm in most places around the country. Before we had to pump our own gas, this bell would tell the attendants we were waiting to fill up the tank. 

4. TV static

Changing the channel meant hearing one of the most unpleasant sounds out there. Hopefully you remembered to turn the volume down before hitting a channel that had the grating static noise. 

5. Old-school cash register

The beep of current checkout lanes is no match for the clunky sound of the keys and the ca-ching of cash registers opening at your favorite five-and-dime stores. 

6. Coffee percolator

Some people love their coffee percolators so much, they still have the ones they used back in the day. The hiss of the machine combined with the aroma of coffee beans meant a good mood was on its way. 

7. Chalk on a blackboard

Nowadays, the harsh staccato of chalk hitting a blackboard will bring back stressful memories from primary school. (It's still better than nails dragging down a blackboard).

8. School bells

The same goes for the clanging of old-school school bells, which more often than not signaled that you were going to be late to homeroom. 

9. Dial-up modem

In order to get on the World Wide Web, you had to sit through 30 seconds of the harshest sounds the tech world had to offer. 

10. Radio dial

Tuning a radio perfectly was a fine skill to have. To get to the right station, you had to sift through a bunch of static. 

11. Film projector

The hum of a projector, whether it's a film projector or slideshow projector, still stands as one of the most soothing sounds. 

12. Switching slides on a projector

Does the shuttering noise of a slideshow projector bring back memories of old photographs?

13. TV station sign-off

Television didn't always have 24 hours worth of programming. If you weren't already asleep when you heard the national anthem, you knew it was time to get to bed.

14. Vinyl

Although vinyl collectors hear this sound on a regular basis, kids growing up today won't know the faint crackling sound of the needle hitting the record as it spins. 

15. Turning the page of a Disney book

If you had any read-along Disney books, then you'll surely remember the cue to turn the page. 

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