15 props from classic TV shows you can buy right now

You won't believe what some of these props cost.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all the plates, glasses and silverware from your favorite TV shows? While most of props have been lost over time, some of them still remain. 

A quick search on eBay reveals quite a few bits of memorabilia from classic TV shows that are worth a fortune now. So if you have a robust collection going, and a few hundred dollars to spend, you can snatch some unique props from yesteryear. Here are some of the 15 most intriguing objects — and they're not all related to the kitchen. 

The Lucy Show

Lucy's copper star gelatin mold was sometimes seen above the kitchen sink. You can get it now for $1,800

Hogan's Heroes

This isn't just any plain old white plate. This is Col. Robert Hogan's white dinner plate. Such a distinction means the plate goes for a little more than usual, specifically about $2,000 more. 


Samantha Stephen's unique colander has holes in a star pattern and goes for almost $2,000. It was featured on the kitchen set. 

You can also grab Samantha's pound cake pan for less than the colander, at $850.

The Brady Bunch

Do you want a mug that Florence Henderson may have touched, or even sipped from? The olive green mug could be yours for $900.

If you want a plate to match, you'll have to fork over another $257

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney Fife's accent plate is the most affordable item on this list at $50

Barney's sweetheart Thelma Lou had a vase, and it's a little more costly than the plate. The white glass vase was originally $750, but it's now a little over $200

Little House on the Prairie

A piece of the Ingalls' dinnerware is up for grabs. The metal dinner plate originally asked for $800, but the price has been slashed to $216

Green Acres

Lisa Douglas' vegetable bowl was also used on the kitchen set. The white china bowl with a floral pattern goes for almost $800.

Lisa and Oliver's dinner knives originally went for $600, but it's now listed at $162. That's a pretty good discount! 


For anyone not looking for a piece of kitchen memorabilia, there's Roseanne's wishing well planter. The ceramic planter was seen in the Connor's home, and will cost you $1,200

Remember when smoking on television was more common? For about $1,000 less than the wishing well planter, you can get an ashtray used on the set. The prop originally cost $1,000, but it's now a more affordable $270. 

The Golden Girls

The "girls" spent a lot of time in the kitchen talking and eating cheesecake, so it's only fitting that a piece of kitchen memorabilia is up for sale too. Dorothy's wooden bowl costs $1,150


So it's not necessarily a prop, but it's still a fantastic find for any fanatic of the classic Western series. The user "themoviewizard"claims this script is an original second draft of an episode written in 1966. Although there was never an episode titled "The Captain" that made it to air, the user points out this might have been a working title. It goes for $195.

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