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Tune in to MeTV today for a full day of Memorable Entertainment Television, hosted by our very own Svengoolie! That's right, our resident late-night horror host will preside over an entire day and night of the creepiest, scariest episodes of your favorite classic television programs.

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Friday, October 31

All Times Eastern / Pacific
That Girl Phantom Of The Horse Opera Donald tries to help ann's eccentric neighbor by writing an article about him, only the neighbor disappears as soon as it is written.
Make Room For Daddy Linda's Giant Nobody gives Linda's imaginary friend, Mr. Jumbo, a second thought until a school psychologist visits Danny and Kathy and suggests that Linda cannot separate fantasy from reality and...
Petticoat Junction That Was The Night That Was Kate Bradley's Shady Rest is patronized by a guest who gives every indication of being from outer space.
The Beverly Hillbillies Ghost Of Clampett Castle The Clampetts are enjoying their stay at Clampett Castle, but Drysdale wants to get back home. The staff at the castle is enjoying the Clampetts staying at there, hoping they'll stay and...
The Donna Reed Show The Monster The large animal that keeps wandering around the Stone's house during the night ends up being a large dog, which needs a home.
I Love Lucy Little Ricky's School Pageant Little Ricky's school pageant is coming up and it's coming up short on cast members, so the Ricardos and Mertzes volunteer. Ricky's a hollow stump, Fred's a frog and Ethel's the fairy...
Leave It to Beaver The Haunted House Beaver and Larry become convinced that the Cooper house is haunted by a witch and they are scared to death. So when June gets Beaver a job walking Mrs. Cooper's dog, Beaver's...
Leave It to Beaver The Hypnotist After seeing someone being hypnotized in a movie, Beaver sets out to do the same. He tries hypnotism on Eddie—who pretends Beaver has hypnotized him—and Beaver gets scared...
Daniel Boone The Inheritance A house Rebecca inherits, supposedly haunted by ghosts, turns out to be a storehouse for smugglers’ contraband.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Dodging Domino Phil Schuyler is a two-bit songwriter who comes to a bad end on Halloween night. Someone enters his bungalow while Phil is taking a bath and tosses an electric heater into his tub.
Dragnet Burglary: Dr 31 A costumed thief calling himself "The Crimson Crusader" has been stealing comic books, movie posters and publicity photos of various superheroes.
Dragnet The Prophet Friday and Gannon are convinced that "Brother" William Bentley's Temple of the Expanded Mind is just a sham—a front for Bentley to sell LSD to the students of a nearby elementary...
The Rockford Files The Oracle Wore A Cashmere Suit Jim is in for a rough time when a Clairvoyant claims Jim knows more about the disappearance and murder of a young couple than he originally claims.
Gunsmoke The Noose Kitty is held hostage in a ghost town as bait to get Matt to attempt a rescue.
Bonanza Twilight Town Joe gets bushwhacked while on a trip near a strange town. The people seem nice enough, but what do they really want?
The Rifleman Face Of Yesterday Lucas thinks he has seen a ghost when a young man, eerily similar to a man he killed in the Civil War, challenges him to a gunfight.
The Rifleman Hostages To Fortune At Halloween, rustlers take advantage of the seasonal disguises to raid a cattle ranch.
Adam-12 Log #173-shoplift Malloy and Reed track down a young shoplifter who escapes custody and hides at the lair of an eccentric spiritualist whom she worships.
Adam-12 Log #103-sound...thunder Malloy and his date join Reed and his expecting wife on a weekend trip to a ghost town, but soon they cross paths with a dangerous motorcycle gang.
Emergency! Captain Hook The firemen plan to celebrate the imminent retirement of a martinet captain with a party, under the guise of throwing a farewell dinner. A model in a bear suit suffers from heat stroke...
CHiPs Trick Or Trick A mysterious candy grabber and a ghost who robs supermarkets give Ponch and Jon a wild Halloween.
M*A*S*H Exorcism After Potter orders Radar to move a Korean spirit post believed to ward off evil spirits, things mysteriously begin to go wrong. When an old Korean man is brought into camp for medical...
M*A*S*H Trick Or Treatment It's Halloween at the 4077th, and the staff dons costumes and trades ghost stories. Father Mulcahy discovers a soldier alive that had been pronounced dead.
The Andy Griffith Show The Haunted House After Opie and his friend Arnold hit a baseball into the window of the old Rimshaw house, they hear noises and run for help. Barney and Gomer go to the house, but they hear noises too!
The Andy Griffith Show The Gypsies Andy orders a group of gypsies out of town after they bother the residents. They soon set up camp outside of Mayberry and place a "curse" on the area in the form of a drought....
Hogan's Heroes The Gypsy In an effort to transport a German anti-radar to London, Hogan passes LeBeau off as a fortune teller after convincing Klink he was struck by lightning.
Gilligan's Island Up At Bat Gilligan is bitten by a bat.
The Odd Couple Trapped While preparing for a costume ball, Oscar, Felix and Nancy get locked into the basement.
The Odd Couple The Exorcists Felix is convinced the air conditioner is haunted by a ghost.
Cheers Bar Wars The gang at Cheers declares war when rival bar, Gary's Old Town Tavern, steals the trophy celebrating their one and only sporting victory in a bowling tournament.
Perry Mason The Case Of The Glamorous Ghost Eleanor Corbin pleads amnesia after police find her running and screaming through woods near her apartment building. Her loss of memory is of little help to her when she is later charged...
Adam-12 Trouble In The Bank Reed decides to spend part of his lunch break doing business at his bank. Unfortunately, he walks into the clutches of a pair of ruthless robbers who take him hostage.
Adam-12 North Hollywood Division Reed volunteers to write a profile on Malloy for the LAPD's magazine to honor his 10th anniversary on the force, but soon discovers he may be in over his head.
Night Gallery Something In The Woodwork A lonely alcoholic plots revenge against her ex-husband by calling on a reluctant ghost she finds in her attic.
Ironside House Of Terror The Commissioner's niece makes a bet that she can sleep for one night in the master bedroom of a haunted house, then disappears without trace.
Route 66 Lizard's Leg And Owlet's Wing "Tod and Buz are excited to be working at a Chicago hotel which is hosting a women's convention. Also staying at the hotel are the famous horror film actors. The actors are debating...
Naked City Spectre Of The Rose Street Gang "Three successful businessmen are blackmailed by a former acquaintance over a death that occurred 25 years beforehand."