Who drove these classic television cars?

Match the television character to 10 memorable vehicles from the small screen.

On television, action heroes are only as good as their automobiles. Batman had the amazing Batmobile, Batgirl had her purple Batcycle. Detectives always drive enviable rides.

In some series, especially in the 1980s, the cars themselves were supporting characters. So how well do you remember these iconic wheels? Step into the garage of TV history and identify the owners of ten classic cars.

Illustrations: Jeannine Riske
  1. Black and red 1983 GMC Van
  2. Black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am
  3. White 1986 Ferrari Testarossa
  4. Red 1965 Sunbeam Tiger
  5. Red 1979 Dodge Power Wagon
  6. Red 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS
  7. Black 1966 Imperial
  8. 1959 two-tone Plymouth Fury convertible
  9. Brown 1982 GMC K-2500 Sierra Grande Wideside
  10. Gold 1974 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

Who drove these classic television cars?

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WILD 20 months ago
I missed # 3. I never liked those shows and to top it off they were all on NBC.

You got 9 out of 10!
Well done! Everyone else can eat your dust! We bet you can even pull off a "Rockford Turn."

Douglas 20 months ago
10/10! Pole Position. El Perfecto!
Delmo 20 months ago
Almost missed the Peter Gunn car as that series is in b/w but, I knew neither Aunt Bee or Richie Cunningham drove a car that nice.
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