Which Star Trek planet is this?

Think you know Trek? We show you a planet on the viewscreen. You name it.

On Star Trek, the Enterprise visited a new planet just about every week. After all, that was part of its mission statement: "The bold crew of the giant starship explores the excitement of strange new worlds."

It's a big universe out there, and it can be hard to remember your Alpha V from your Altair VI. But we trust Trekkies to have this kind of deep knowledge. 

So the mission is simple. Nine planets will show up on your viewscreen. You identify them. To help, we have given you the episode names and a plot description — and how the orbs appear in the HD remasters versus the original airings. Good luck!

  1. "Assignment: Earth" — Is this a trick question or not?
  2. "Amok Time" — Spock comes down with a case of pon farr, which means he is pulled home. It's Kirk versus Spock on this planet in this all-time classic!
  3. "The Lights of Zetar" — The Enterprise goes to this planetoid that serves as a library for the accumulated knowledge of the Federation.
  4. "Shore Leave" — The crew goes down the rabbit hole when its takes a vacation on a Wonderland of a planet in what region of space?
  5. "The Galileo Seven" — Spock makes an emergency landing of the shuttle on this rocky, foggy orb.
  6. "Arena" — The Metrons force Kirk into one-on-one combat with the Gorn in this classic outing. Where were they?
  7. "The Conscience of a King" — A scientist friend of Kirk, Dr. Thomas Leighton, lures the Enterprise to this planet with the promise of a new food source. It shares a name with a famous Star Trek adversary of the 1990s.
  8. "Whom Gods Destroy" — The Enterprise delivers a medicine to cure insanity to an asylum under the surface of this poisonous world.
  9. "Errand of Mercy" — It's the first appearance of the Klingons! The aggressive alien race sends the Enterprise on the run and strands Kirk and Spock on this primitive planet.

Which Star Trek planet is this?

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RobertM 6 months ago
I've always wondered if Pon Farr was related to Jamie Farr.
WILD 14 months ago
You got 8 out of 9!
Your thinking was highly logical.
william561 35 months ago
Like the original series graphics better!
Stoney 36 months ago
8 for 9, for Captain. Missed "Shore Leave."
Runeshaper 42 months ago
I'm a lieutenant with 5/9

A solid showing, but you are not quite ready to lead. A little more time at Starfleet Academy (or watching Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night) and you will be there.
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