Which Mama's Family member are you?

Welcome to Raytown! Take our personality test and tell us who you are.

Welcome to Raytown! Round here, the sky is bright blue, the flamingos on the lawn are pink, and our dresses often match.

Mama and the rest of the Harper clan made their debut on The Carol Burnett Show in 1974, and went on to entertain us with their own classic sitcom Mama's Family from 1983–90. They may have bickered, but they all loved each other in the end.

So it's time to figure out which Harper is most like you. Take our personality test and find out.


  1. What is your favorite color to wear?
  2. Pick a place in Raytown to work.
  3. Let's go out and get something to eat in Raytown. Which joint sounds most appealing?
  4. Be a part of the Raytown community and join a club.
  5. You're moving back in with Mama. What room should you live in?
  6. Put on a pair of shoes.
  7. Sonja is getting married! What can you do for the wedding?
  8. You buy a winning lottery ticket at Ned's Gas N' Go. What will you do with the money?
  9. What sounds like something you'd say?
Which Mama's Family member are you?

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