The 2nd Annual Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

Do you know as much as this Mayberry trivia champion?

Did you know there are more than 1,400 fan clubs devoted to The Andy Griffith Show worldwide? Are you a fan? How well do you know Mayberry?

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up to Mayberry enthusiast and two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding some of his trophies!

"Mayberry Mike" wrote these questions for the ultimate fans — like you! Put your knowledge to the test.

First up — "All About Andy"!

Tune in to see the best of Sheriff Andy Taylor throughout week one of MeTV's Month of Mayberry, May 3–7 at 8PM | 7C.

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  1. What was Andy's phone number?
  2. What was Andy's favorite dish to eat?
  3. Who was Sheriff Andy's first love interest in the show?
  4. What was the name of Andy's fishing pole?
  5. What club in Raleigh wanted Andy to join?
  6. What was the name of Andy's rowboat?
  7. Who was Andy's first housekeeper in the show?
  8. Who beat Andy in a skeet shooting contest?
  9. What was Andy Taylor's job in Mayberry?
  10. Who was Andy's girlfriend?
  11. Who was Andy's high school sweetheart?
  12. Who did Andy shoot in the leg during a holdup?
  13. Who was the Valedictorian of Mayberry Union High class of 1945?
  14. What instrument did Andy play in the Mayberry Band?
  15. Who was the bully that tried to steal Andy's fishing spot?
  16. Who raised Andy when he was a boy?
  17. Who turned down Andy's marriage proposal?
  18. What starlet does Andy go out with in Hollywood?
  19. What is Andy's middle name in the high school yearbook?
  20. What is the name of Andy's high school yearbook?
  21. Andy bragged about his famous pitch, when he pitched for his baseball team, what did he call it?
  22. Who did Andy supposedly get trapped in a cave with?
  23. According to Andy which piece of equipment is the most important to a lawman?
  24. Where in Andy's house does he keep his gun?
  25. How much does Barney the realtor think he can get for Andy's house?

The 2nd Annual Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

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PilotTom 7 months ago
WFOX MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida refuses to show Andy or Month of Mayberry . They will not even give a courtesy of a reply when writing and asking why they "REFUSE" to show Andy and Month of Mayberry while the rest of the USA can enjoy this show !!!!!!
Johnnyandnikki1959 7 months ago
Missed baseball and price of house not too bad !!!!!
Michele 8 months ago
21 out of 25! Whoop Whoop! I think I know Andy pretty good! 😁
Soonerdude4ever 8 months ago
Love the show, I watch it everyday
I got 25 out of 25
mrdoolin 8 months ago
Well, never liked the show, never watched the show and I guess this proves it! I didn't even do as well as the law of averages!
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 8 months ago
YAY!!!!! 22/25, At last I did well one of the Mayberry quizzes!
ShurfieLynn 8 months ago
19 out of 25 and I watch everyday!! Wow
EMann247 8 months ago
I got 20 out of 25 but I have never done well with multiple choice as I always second guess my gut feeling as a first answer. I made some stupid mistakes. Wwwaaahhh!
JC 8 months ago
You got 22 out of 25
So… are you a Mayberry trivia master like Mayberry Mike? Share you score below!
Sun1225 8 months ago
One of my favorite shows. 25/25
JessicaGentry 8 months ago
I love this show! I have loved this show ever since I was young. Still do to this day.
Michele JessicaGentry 8 months ago
Me too! I wish I had lived in that era! I love the show and watch it every day! Congrats! 😁
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