Quiz: Which TV house is your dream home?

This personality test is a home run!

Part of watching television is envy. It is Hollywood, after all. We love the stylish cars, the sharp fashions, the stunning locations — and the beautiful sets, of course. The sitcom is built around the living room, and there have been many memorable sofa spaces. 

Characters' living quarters can say as much about their personality as the actors. Is there a particular TV home that you dream about? It says a lot about your style, too. Find your ideal dream home by answering these questions.
  1. When you watch 'House Hunters' what are you most often yelling at the people on the screen?
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  3. What kind of flooring do you prefer?
  4. How big is your family?
  5. How often do you cook dinner?
  6. What term best describes your decorating style?
  7. What type of countertop do you like best?
  8. Which state flag do you find to be most aesthetically pleasing?
  9. Pick a vintage car to drive.

Quiz: Which TV house is your dream home?

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WILD 20 months ago
You should live in Fonzie's garage apartment
It might not look like much, but renting from a warm and friendly family like the Cunninghams has its perks. Like Mrs. C's cooking. This studio has potential for a first time renter. Like to work with your hands? You're right above a great workshop-slash-hobby space.
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