Quiz: Which one of Kotter's Sweathogs are you?

The breeze is cooling, the trees are yellowing, footballs are in the air. It's time to go back school! 

No matter where your alma mater lies, you will always be at home in Brooklyn's James Buchanan High. Forty years ago, Buchanan graduate Gabe Kotter returned to his former stomping grounds to teach his freshman class of Sweathogs. Welcome Back, Kotter made its debut on September 9, 1975, and not long after, American classrooms were echoing, "Up your nose with a rubber hose!" and "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" 

The Sweathogs were a ragtag group of colorful personalities. So which one are you?

Beginning August 31, catch Welcome Back, Kotter seven days a week on MeTV — Weekdays at 5:30AM | 4:30 C, Saturdays at 6AM | 5C, and Sundays at 8AM | 7C.

  1. It's a Saturday afternoon and you're sitting on the couch. What are you watching on TV?
  2. Which profession sounds like a dream job for you?
  3. What got you in the most trouble in high school?
  4. What '70s fashion do you wish would come back?
  5. If you had an action figure made in your likeness, what would your accessory be?
  6. Pick the most appealing paint color from the 1975 Ford auto line.
  7. What do you miss most about your high school years?
  8. What was your favorite subject?
  9. What caused you to be late for school?
  10. What clique were you in when you were in high school?
  11. What line from Gabe Kaplan's 1977 novelty song "Up Your Nose" is the most amusing?
  12. Pack some food into your 'Welcome Back, Kotter' lunch box.

Quiz: Which one of Kotter's Sweathogs are you?

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Runeshaper 38 months ago
You are Horshack
You are smart, but a lovable screwball. Your infectious optimism keeps a smile on your friends' faces. You adore old movies, the color green and… Yes, yes, we see you there with your hand raised. You love attention, too.

Cool :)
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