Quiz: Do you know these actors' real names?

Not everyone is born with a perfect television name like Lucille Ball. See if you can pick the given name of some TV legends.

It's no secret that celebrities change their names. For various reasons, aspiring actors will alter their names to something short and punchy for the marquee. Not everyone can be born into a perfect TV name like Lucille Ball, Bob Denver or Art Carney.

Stars become so beloved, it is difficult to imagine them with another name. Picture this title screen: "Harvey Yeary is… The Six Million Dollar Man." Lee Majors has more oomph, no?

So, put away the birth certificates and biographies and try to pick the given name of these MeTV stars. 
  1. Alan Alda
  2. Barbara Stanwyck
  3. Desi Arnaz
  4. Adam West
  5. Burt Ward
  6. Donna Reed
  7. Tony Randall
  8. Boris Karloff
  9. Lorne Greene
  10. Michael Landon
  11. Tina Louise
Quiz: Do you know these actors' real names?

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