Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1964?

Now this is what we call a golden age of television.

Some people say we are living in the Golden Age of Television. That's just an opinion. We all know TV will never again be quite like what it was in the 1960s. Westerns, cartoons, sitcoms, drama, mystery, suspense! There may have been fewer options, but the ratio of hits to misses was far higher. Half a century later, many of these gems still air.

In fact, you can see a bunch of them on MeTV! Take a look at these lineups from the late 1964 TV schedule. Which will you watch? Remember, you probably don't have a remote control.
  1. It's Sunday evening. Mom has made meatloaf. What is the family watching on the couch after dinner at 7:30PM?
  2. It's Monday night and you've already watched 'The Andy Griffith Show.' (There was no other good option, let's be honest.) What will you watch at 10pm before going to bed?
  3. Tuesday evening, 8:30PM. Turn the dial to something good.
  4. It's Wednesday and your homework is done. What's on the tube at 7:30PM?
  5. Here's a tough choice to get your Thursday night going.
  6. Later that same night, what are you watching?
  7. It's Friday night and you're settling in. Pick one network and stick with it. You don't have a remote.
  8. It's the weekend! Wake up on Saturday morning and watch something fun at 10AM.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  9. After playing outside all day, it's now Saturday evening. Plop back in front of the television at 7:30PM and choose a program.
  10. What's the whole gang watching at 8:30PM?
  11. You're in luck — there's no school on Monday! Pick something to watch at 10:30AM.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1964?

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Dario 9 months ago
81% similar! 😁😁😁😁😁
DerekBird 22 months ago
53% similar
53% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 22 months ago
55% similar
55% similar to the most popular responses
RickeyMulkey 22 months ago
59% similar
59% similar to the most popular responses. I watched most of these show showed together.
Amalthea 22 months ago
Well, none, actually; I was born that October. However, I got 62% similar of what I WOULD have watched.
Runeshaper 27 months ago
56% similar
56% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 35 months ago

52% similar
52% similar to the most popular responses
Dario 35 months ago
All of these programs I've watched them as reruns. 😁
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