Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you remember 'Return to Mayberry'?

What was Mayberry like two decades later?

It's time for the Final Round: How well do you know the reunion movie Return to MayberryThat's right, the gang got back together in 1986 for this hit TV movie.

Watch Return to Mayberry on Friday, May 28, 2021 at 8PM | 7C.

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up to Mayberry enthusiast and two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding trophies.

"Mayberry Mike" wrote five rounds of questions for the ultimate fans. Put your knowledge to the test!

Round One — How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

Round Two — How well do you know Barney Fife?

Round Three — How well do you know Opie?

Round Four — How do you know Mayberry citizens?

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  1. Who portrayed Opie Taylor's secretary while he was editor of the paper in Mayberry?
  2. What was the name of the garage that Goober and Gomer owned?
  3. Who was running against Barney for Sheriff of Mayberry?
  4. What was the name of Opie's wife?
  5. What does former town drunk Otis now do in Mayberry?
  6. Andy lived in Cleveland, Ohio, for more than 20 years before returning to Mayberry. What was his job there?
  7. Barney does a traffic safety skit at the school. What is he dressed as?
  8. Andy delivers Opie and his wife's baby. What is the sex of the baby?
  9. Who first saw the so called "monster" in Myers Lake?
  10. There is a wedding in Mayberry. Who gets married?
  11. Who performed the marriage ceremony?
  12. Opie leaves Mayberry to accept a newspaper job in what state?
  13. Which Mayberrian is working for Opie at the local Mayberry newspaper?
  14. New restaurant owner Wally Butler occupies the building of what former business in Mayberry?
  15. Goober says he never takes a good picture. He says he won't allow his photo to be taken until he gets what?
  16. Howard Sprague is dating a librarian. What is her name?

Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you remember 'Return to Mayberry'?

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Resamh25 7 months ago
I missed why Gomer said he took a bad picture.
You got 15 out of 16
Wow! You know so much you must be related to someone on the show — like Karen Knotts here! Nice work!
LH Resamh25 5 months ago
You did GREAT! I got 4 right and even those were guesses. I never saw Return to Mayberry
MusicLover3889 LH 1 month ago
You would love it
gb9535 7 months ago

You got 15 out of 16

Wow! You know so much you must be related to someone on the show — like Karen Knotts here! Nice work!
7 months ago
11 out of 16? Shame on me!
LH Pilaf 5 months ago
I got 4 !! Boo hoo
PilotTom 7 months ago
13 out of 16 which was not bad for us because our local MeTv Station WFOX Channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not air Andy nor did they air the Reunion last night ! Boo to this station !!!!!!!!!
Marshall_Kolchak 7 months ago
4/16 as a Mayberry-averse person i am sorta proud of this!
Wendy57 7 months ago
I have watched the Return to Mayberry movie a couple of times, but, I don’t think that it can compare to the original Andy Griffith Show.
I did enjoy seeing Barney & Thelma Lou finally get married, however. 👍
PilotTom 7 months ago
No "Return to Mayberry" in the Jacksonville Florida area !!!!!!!!! MeTv station WFOX channel 30.2 will not air anything " Mayberry " !!! They will not return emails or calls as to why ! Boo MeTv WFOX channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida !!!!!!
Mark091 PilotTom 7 months ago
Channel 30 WFOX in Jacksonville FL should not be
Carrying Metv programs at all
If they don't want to carry the
Entire schedule of METV.
Metv should drop channel 30
WFOX and nice to a different
Local Jacksonville FL station.
MeTv please be A Sub channel
On a different Jacksonville FL station and pack up your Metv
Bags and get away from Ch 30.
There are several other Jacksonville tv stations besides
Channel 30 WFOX and Metv
Needs to move to another
TV station in Jacksonville.
PilotTom Mark091 7 months ago
Thank you very much Mark !!!! We could not agree more !!! It makes us so mad to see the ads of what everyone else gets to see and we don't ! Thank you for your support , Tom and Julie
Deanster58 7 months ago
Wow! I REALLY need to watch “Return to Mayberry” before taking another trivia challenge about it!
Sammy 7 months ago
5/16 Goober found me. And i am chilling
CaptainDunsel 7 months ago
Pretty much MayNOTberry for me, I guess.
I'm just RFD on these Mayberry quizzes. ("Really Dim")
Corey 7 months ago
Ron Howard did Return To Mayberry out of respect for Andy Griffith and the cast. He pretty much gave up acting for directing.
scp 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure Opie's new job is in Binghamton. I remember that because I'm from the Binghamton area. Fun fact: so is Rod Serling (my father's cousin was in the same class as him), Richard Deacon, Bridget Moynahan, Jim Hutton, and quite a few other people.
ibslim 7 months ago
16 out of 16!!!! Love that show andmovie.
glennh3365 7 months ago
I can't look at Ron Howard without thinking how gullible he and so many others were over that Smollett creep.
DoubleNaughtSpy 8 months ago
HALLELUJAH!!! The Month of Mayberry is coming to a merciful end!
DoubleNaughtSpy 7 months ago
We're sad about that!
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