How well do you remember Mayberry in color?

'The Andy Griffith Show' went full color in its later seasons. Think you can spot the correct colors?

The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons, from 1960 to 1968. The television format changed dramatically over that time, from its early black and white days to the bold color of series like Batman and Star TrekIn fact, some of Mayberry even turned up on Star Trek.

Most of us fondly remember Andy in black and white, yet seasons six through eight were filmed with the full rainbow. These were the years after Gomer left for the U.S.M.C., when Goober provided the comic relief. 

So how well do you remember Mayberry in color? Pick the appropriate colors below.

  1. Andy's uniform
  2. Police cars
  3. The house
  4. The kitchen appliances
  5. The 'T.V. Repair' sign
  6. The kitchen walls
  7. Goober's hat
  8. Andy's chairs
  9. The police station walls
How well do you remember Mayberry in color?

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