How popular are your Thanksgiving opinions?

Is it called "stuffing" or "dressing"?

Depending on who you ask, it's the most wonderful time of the year. No, we don't mean Christmas. We mean Thanksgiving, with plenty of food and family to go around. 

Before we can celebrate good ol' St. Nick and put the angel on top of the tree, we have to give thanks by gorging on some seriously delicious food. 

We can all agree Thanksgiving is amazing, but can we agree on anything else? Let's find out. Hopefully this won't lead to a fight at the table.
  1. Let's start our first course. Cornbread or rolls?
  2. Sweet potatoes or regular potatoes?
  3. What is this called?
  4. Carrots or green beans?
  5. Turkey or ham?
  6. What are your opinions about Jell-O?
  7. Okay, but what are your thoughts about pretzel Jell-O?
  8. Time for more carbs. Mashed potatoes or mac and cheese?
  9. Red or white wine?
  10. Let's move on to dessert. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  11. Whose house do you always go to?
  12. Is there football playing in the background?
  13. Are you hungry right now?

How popular are your Thanksgiving opinions?

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Kthompson 33 months ago
I usually go to my aunt's or my grandma's depends who's hosting though
LittleMissNoName 34 months ago
#1. You only need cornbread to make the stuffing for #3.
#2. Candied Yams!
#4. Green Bean Casserole
#5 Both
#6 This is Thanksgiving! Bury the J-E-L--L-O
#7 Probably a distant kin to Cherry Yum Yum.
#8. Can go either way.
#9. Depends
#10 Right now, my mum is making this glazed (no icing) carrots cake that has to sit and age for a couple of days.
#11. Over the hills and through the woods.
#12. More of a college football fan.
#13. Just pacing myself for the feast.

TexasGreek 41 months ago
Your opinions are 63% similar
Amalthea 46 months ago
1. I actually prefer coissants.
2. Regular potatoes.
3. It's called barf.
4. Corn.
5. My husband is actually allergic to turkey, but we don't want to have the same thing every year. We've had everything from fried chicken to swordfish. This year I'm making bacon-cheeseburger meatloaf.
6. PLAIN Jell-o is fine. Keep crap out of it.
7. See #6.
8. Mac'n'cheese!
9. Iced tea.
10. I can't stand either. Give me Key Lime pie!
11. Because of my husband's turkey allergy (and I'm allergic to the smell of apples), we always stay home & I make a big spread for us & our 2 daughters.
12. None of us can stand football.
13. I love this one!
idkwut2use 46 months ago
Your opinions are 51% similar.

Regular potatoes.
Stuffing! Never heard it called dressing; that's for salad. O.o
Mac & cheese.
Pretzel Jell-o sounds interesting because I adore both things in the name...
Turkey I suppose, bc of the day, but ham's good too...especially with pineapple.
Whichever wine is sweeter; I guess white?
Both pies, but probably pumpkin...
Thankfully no football--I make sure it's the parade, dog show, March of the Wooden Soldiers, etc.
We host, but my uncle's now the only person to come.
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