How much did these items cost in the 1970s?

Think you remember the price of groceries and goods in the grooviest decade of them all?

Inflation is never-ending. It's also deceptive. Looking back at the weekly grocery store ads and catalogs of the past, everything seems so cheap! 

Really, it was about the same. But it is still a marvel to see everyday items costing a mere handful of change. So we're rewinding the economic clock to the grooviest decade of them all — the 1970s. 

See how well you can do naming the price of the following goods. Disclaimer: You will not actually win a 1972 Corvette in the end.
  1. Half-gallon of milk in 1972
  2. 2 lb. can of coffee in 1970
  3. 12 oz. box of corn flakes in 1977
  4. Hershey's chocolate bar in 1975
  5. Can of Campbell's Chunky Soup in 1972
  6. McDonald's Big Mac in 1974
  7. Suggested list price of a new vinyl LP album in 1975
  8. Star Trek action figures in 1975
  9. Lava lamp in 1975
  10. Leisure suit in 1975
  11. A brand new car! The 1972 Chevrolet Corvette
How much did these items cost in the 1970s?

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