Can you remember if this was a No. 1 hit song in 1964, 1974 or 1984?

Put these popular songs in the correct generation!

A great song is timeless. Still, every smash belongs to a certain era.

It's funny. As you look at pop hits over the years, you begin to see recurring themes, similar titles, words that appear again and again. Obviously, there's no shortage of hit songs with "Love" in the title.

Which makes placing chart-toppers into the correct decade a little tough. Try to think of the tune. Sing it in your head. See if you can match these Billboard No. 1 songs to the correct year.
  1. "I Get Around"
  2. "Let's Go Crazy"
  3. "What's Love Got to Do with It?"
  4. "Can't Buy Me Love"
  5. "Baby Love"
  6. "I Honestly Love You"
  7. "The Joker"
  8. "The Reflex"
  9. "The Streak"
  10. "Caribbean Queen"
  11. "Oh, Pretty Woman"
  12. "Jump"
  13. "The Loco-Motion" by Grand Funk
  14. "Say, Say, Say"
  15. "There! I've Said It Again"
  16. "Hello, Dolly!"
  17. "Hello"
  18. "Time in a Bottle"
  19. "Time After Time"

Can you remember if this was a No. 1 hit song in 1964, 1974 or 1984?

Your Result...

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Kergooliewyn 17 months ago
This quiz was easy for me. Got all 19 correct. I admit I guessed on #17. There are a few songs with "Hello" in the title. Good quiz.
ClassicTVnut 17 months ago
19/19! I'm a classic music nut so I may have had a slight advantage!
WILD 48 months ago
I got one wrong - the Bobby Vinton song.
MarkJamesMeli 48 months ago
Sure, I pull a 100%, and it doesn't give me kudos or the opportunity to share it.
WILD MarkJamesMeli 48 months ago
Missed one and I also didn't get credit.
JHP MarkJamesMeli 17 months ago
yep me too

music in those decades more or less are in my wheelhouse

19/19 easy peezzy
mdit21 51 months ago
I did better with the sixties than with the other decades. Love "Baby Love!"
MargaretBLeonard 53 months ago

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Pegs 53 months ago
19/19 No tally for me either, & I checked 3 times to see if I missed a question. Oh, well - software happens. ;-)
DerekHarris 53 months ago
It didn't tally my results 🙄
Lacey 53 months ago
Unfair. #13 was a trick question.
#10 was MY fault. I mixed it up with Island Girl, don't ask me how.
WILD Lacey 48 months ago
Not really. Grand Funk (Railroad) were a 70s band. The one that I thought you were talking about was "Oh Pretty Woman" because although Van Halen did cover it (amazingly well, too), that was from Diver Down which came out in 1982. 1984 came out in (yeah, believe it or not) 1984.
anthony 53 months ago
17/19.OK.Had to do my own tally.And I picked 1984 for "Pretty Woman",I guess because Van Halens version only a couple of years before.Also the Movie "Pretty Woman" came out in 1990,which was closer to 1984 then 1964 was.The other one I got wrong was "The Reflex?What's a dance floor filler anyway?
Stephen79 anthony 53 months ago
Considering the Van Halen album was called 1984, that's a big miss …
Amalthea anthony 48 months ago
"Pretty Woman" was easy for me, because it was the #1 song when I was born! I actually forgot about the Van Halen version; I was just thinking about Roy Orbison. The only one I missed was "Baby Love"...I had a major brain fart on that one.
TomTerrrific 53 months ago
16/19, but there's a glitch in # 13, the Loco-motion. It says that the song was recorded in 1962, and yet the "correct" answer is supposedly 1974!
anthony TomTerrrific 53 months ago
It says Loco-motion/by Grank Funk who had a #1 hit with it in 1974.
Barry22 53 months ago
19/19, some great songs there.
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