Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?

Who are these stars with John-Boy and Jim-Bob?

There sure were a lot of mouths to feed on Waltons mountain. But that did not mean visitors were unwelcome!

The Waltons welcome all sorts of folk into their home over the years. Many of them you will recognize from other classic TV shows!

We've gathered some famous faces from 1960s, 1970s and 1980s television… movies, too. See if you can recognize them and answer the trivia!

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  1. He was "Seth Turner" on Waltons mountain, but you know his best as…?
  2. This young man in uniform is best know for serving in Starfleet. What is his Star Trek character?
  3. You know her as the star of which classic Stephen King film?
  4. She is known for playing a daughter on 1970s TV. Which one?
  5. Pick a character this actor did NOT play on television.
  6. This military man is best known for which 1960s sitcom?
  7. He played a beloved sitcom dad on which sitcom?
  8. Recognize this country music icon relaxing in a robe?
  9. He later became an '80s TV star on this acclaimed drama.
  10. Years later, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in…?

Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?

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DIGGER1 2 months ago
Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?
You got 8 out of 10
Smoothly done!
Something's not right here. It says that I got "8 out of 10" correct, meaning that I missed two questions. But I know that I only missed one question on the quiz: Question #5. So why doesn't this say that I got "9 out 10" right?
scp 2 months ago
10 out of 10.

I watch way too much TV.
nostalgia 2 months ago
I'm trying to understand how shows can be watched on this site. I don't see shows
to click on anymore since i joined MeTV.
KellyShort nostalgia 2 months ago
Click VIDEOS top of screen
MrBill 2 months ago
7/10; missed 2, 9 &10. I did not know any of those and guessed wrong.
LindaWilliams 2 months ago
Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?
You got 7 out of 10
Smoothly done!
Claude 2 months ago
I only got #10 wrong. I knew it was Jennifer Jason Leigh...but I had never seen the movie "Being John Malkovich" and never even heard of "The Hateful Eight."
AllisonWunderland Claude 2 months ago
I missed #10 also...Remember her from Fast Times at Ridgemont High 😂
ETristanBooth 2 months ago
7/10. Missed 8, 9, and 10. I don't like most country music, I never watched L.A. Law, and I've never heard of The Hateful Eight.

Loved Ron Howard, Jonathan Frakes, and William Schallert in these roles.
DK 2 months ago
9/10, I missed Merle Haggard.
Tlor 2 months ago
Never heard of the Hateful .. I hit the wrong box when my screen jumped.. I knew Denver Pyle was Mr Briscoe (his boys were hysterical). I think Denver Pyle played in every show on TV!
ETristanBooth Tlor 2 months ago
"I hit the wrong box when my screen jumped"

Don't you hate that? It's happened to me many times.
Utzaake 2 months ago
7. Also played Nancy Drew's father Carson in the late-1970s. Role now played by Scott Wolf on The CW's current reboot which recently got renewed for next season.
9. Currently plays Nic Nevin's father on FOX's The Resident.
bnichols23 Utzaake 2 months ago
Heck, I think Schallert was on every teevy show that ever was from the 60s on. Heck, I was watching a DS9 ep the other night & he was on THAT, for Lord's sake.....
booster 2 months ago
9/10 Missed the last one.
bnichols23 booster 2 months ago
Yeah, same here.
Kim 2 months ago
9/10 Never heard of The Hateful Eight.
Lacey Kim 2 months ago
Me neither.
Tlor Lacey 2 months ago
RickLoera 2 months ago
I got 11/12. I knew the answer and got trigger happy. I pressed Cream instead of Bread for Mskr it With You. Two completely different groups.
Coraline 2 months ago
This one was easy! They should have made it more difficult by having us name their character on The Waltons!
EricNHarris73 2 months ago
I missed three;
!. Dobie Gillis
2. Corbin Bersen
3. The Hateful Eight
MikefromJersey 2 months ago
9 out of 10. The Hateful Eight? I got 20 bucks and my Buffalo Bob Smith autographed photo that he gave me when he inducted me in to The Peanut Gallery that says not one person on these boards has seen it.
bnichols23 MikefromJersey 2 months ago
I haven't watched it yet, but I've got the DVD. That count?
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