Can you guess the 1980s horror movie from all the classic TV stars in the cast?

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When you go back and watch classic Eighties movies, you noticed new things. For example, we caught this beloved gem recently and marveled at all the classic TV stars in the cast! 

Let's see if you can guess the correct movie. Examine all the clues! 

It had Polly Holliday — best known as Flo on Alice — as a victim. Do you know it yet? 

It had Lee McCain in a sizable role. She was on a 1970s TV show called Apple's Way. Do you know it yet?

William Schallert – the dad from The Patty Duke Show who was also in Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles" – played a small role, as did Western regular Harry Carey Jr. Do you know it yet?

Joe Brooks — who was Trooper Vanderbilt on F Troop — played Santa Claus in it!

Jackie Joseph – who was a regular on The Doris Day Show – was in it. Do you know the movie now?

Keye Luke – who played Master Po on Kung Fu – had a small but important role in it. Can you guess it now?

Dick Miller – who was in tons of stuff and had a regular role on Fame – was a victim. Know it now?

Hoyt Axton – the hit folk singer who sang on Hullabaloo and Hee Haw – played Lee McCain's husband and the dad. Do you remember it now?

Review the clues and take a guess!

  1. The 1980s movie with all these classic TV actors was…

Can you guess the 1980s horror movie from all the classic TV stars in the cast?

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Bob 21 months ago
Dick Miller for the win!
Geronimo 34 months ago
I picked the right one on the first try and I never watched that movie🤔
MrBill 34 months ago
Easy one for me. I was a big fan of the movie Gremlins when it came out.
EllisClevenger 34 months ago
Can you guess the 1980s horror movie from all the classic TV stars in the cast?
You picked the right one!
It was Gremlins, which also featured Phoebe Cates, Corey Feldman and Jonathan Banks ("Mike" from Breaking Bad)!
Didn't know what it could be, until I saw the name Hoyt Axton.
aepi99 34 months ago
Hoyt Axton was the dead giveaway! Love that movie.
richardkel 34 months ago
Easy enough. Got it on the first try. Love that movie.
Jacqueline05478 34 months ago
I can't believe I knew it before they gave choices. Not bragging just shocked!
Runeshaper 34 months ago
You picked the right one!

1st try! :)
Barry22 34 months ago
Got it! Hoyt Axton was the best clue.
TomTerrrific 34 months ago
It was Hoyt Axton who did it for me. I didn't have a clue until then.
MrsPhilHarris 34 months ago
Got it on the first try. Figured Keye Luke would have something to to with Gremlins. I know I saw the movie but don't remember much except you can't feed them after a certain time.
Jeremy 34 months ago
I got it on the second try after my first choice said that it was produced by Steven Spielberg.
anthony 34 months ago
Took me 3 tries. Bonus question!All these movies were released between 1982 and 1987.Two of them were released in 1982 and one was in released 1987. Can you name them?
cperrynaples anthony 34 months ago
Poltergeist, The Thing and Lost Boys! Hey, I'm THAT GUY!!
anthony cperrynaples 34 months ago
correct,correct,correct!Your like a living breathing search engine CP.LOL
Corey 34 months ago
The funniest scene of Gremlins was when Polly Holliday the rich old hag goes flying out of the window while using a stairlift. :)
cperrynaples 34 months ago
Fun Fact: Jackie Joseph and Dick Miller were in the original Little Shop Of Horrors ["Feed me, Seymour! I'm hungry!"]!
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harlow1313 Corey 34 months ago
Jackie Joseph also played "Sweet Romeena," love interest of Mr. Ernest T. Bass.
Cherie Moore, star of...
Another lost film, and can you believe those co-stars? Rosie Greer is best known to MeTVers for Daniel Boone and Chuck Woolery was the first host of WOF!!
Deacon Jones also appears on The Brady Bunch and tells Peter that
singing is not for sissies. He points out that fellow Fearsome Foursome
mate Rosey has a beautiful singing voice and plays guitar!
UnicornPrincess 34 months ago
Took me quite a few tries... never seen the film in question.
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