Can you complete these TV theme song lyrics?

All classic TV shows seem to have catchy theme songs. Is that a coincidence, or is it the song that makes the show? Though as much as you might love the opening to Laverne & Shirley, though you may have heard it a hundred times, are you certain of what they're saying at the beginning? We're giving you the titles of 10 memorable shows. Start singing the famous theme songs in your head and fill in the blanks.
  1. Welcome Back, Kotter
  2. Mary Tyler Moore
  3. The Love Boat
  4. Laverne & Shirley
  5. Rawhide
  6. F Troop
  7. I Love Lucy
  8. Daniel Boone
  9. Car 54, Where Are You?
  10. Gilligan's Island

Can you complete these TV theme song lyrics?

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DonSheets 6 months ago
You got 10 out of 10!
What memory! What a voice! You have been keeping your eyes and ears on TV for a while. Shucks, you could probably fill in a missing note on Bob James' instrumental Taxi theme, a whistle in Andy Griffith, a guitar lick in Peter Gunn…
Snickers 9 months ago
8/10. Guess I'm not moving on up.
Runeshaper 35 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Well sung. Not every track on your record is a winner, but you nailed enough to earn a song of the year award. There were a few false notes, but you are ready for a round of theme song karaoke.
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