Can you complete the names of these popular 1960s Halloween candies?

Fill in the blanks of these tricky treats!

Ding dong! Trick or treat! Here are some candies from the Sixties to eat!

Only, the labels have been rubbed off here and there! Certain words are missing from the wrappers. We're hoping you, being a true pop culture expert, can help fill in the blanks. 

See if you can pick the correct word to complete these candies that were introduced in the 1950s and 1960s — and quickly became Halloween favorites.

Brewsky font by Tup Wanders / CC BY

  1. Swedish ________
  2. Star______
  3. Lemon______
  4. Now & _______
  5. Astro _______
  6. Swee______
  7. ____ Grand Bar
  8. Fruit ______ Gum
  9. Pixy _____
  10. _______ Fireballs
  11. Satellite _______
  12. Black ______

Can you complete the names of these popular 1960s Halloween candies?

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EllisClevenger 22 months ago
Nostalgia hit me right in the heart.
Oh, to be young again.
Glenn 22 months ago
Is it cheating if I work at a nostalgic candy store where all of these are still sold ?
retacili 23 months ago
I had a great experience with
MrsP58 23 months ago
#7: WRONG! It is called the 100 Grand Bar NOW. In the 60's it was called the $100,000 Bar.
Flintster 23 months ago
12 for 12
Guessed at #12 never heard of it.
Also no confirmation.
MrsP58 Flintster 23 months ago
My only confirmation is that I, too, guessed and got it right.
jholton30062 23 months ago
I got all 12, but didn't get the confirmation at the end. Happened on a couple of different browsers (Safari and Firefox)...
Mke 23 months ago
I was deprived as a kid when it came to candy,,, I only got 2 right,,
MrsP58 Mke 23 months ago
Which ones?
CarrieMcCourt 23 months ago
11/12 Never heard of #11
The candy bar I miss most is Powerhouse. And for a time wasn't there a Chocolatey PayDay?
Payday Chocolatey Avalanche.
My 2 favorites were from the 70s.
Carrie RobCertSDSCascap 23 months ago
Thank you! Now, got any news for me on Powerhouse?
RobCertSDSCascap Carrie 23 months ago
You're welcome!
Not since 1983, sadly.
Joe RobCertSDSCascap 23 months ago
WOW… a Marathon Bar! I remember it… but don't think I ever had one! Summit… kinda sounds familiar, but I can't recall the wrappers. I wonder if it was a regional product outside of New England. Thanks for uploading the images!
RobCertSDSCascap Joe 23 months ago
You're welcome!
MrsP58 CarrieMcCourt 23 months ago
I don't recall them, but I've seen them over recent years in various vintage candy articles and quizzes.
HopeDuchaine 23 months ago
I got 2 out of 12. I had to kick start my memory for this one!!
MrsP58 HopeDuchaine 23 months ago
2 out of 12? You should have kicked harder.
SillyBillie 23 months ago
I missed one... Satellite Wafers! Never heard of this candy! Lol
stagebandman 23 months ago
Starburst began in 1984. The 100 Grand Bar was called the $100,000 Bar from it's introduction in 1964 until the mid-80s. Both of these things were easily googled.
Bruce stagebandman 23 months ago
Starburst came out in 1960.
Joe RobCertSDSCascap 23 months ago
I don't remember that kid's mug on a $100,000 bar!
It really looks like he's enjoying it! :)
RobCertSDSCascap Joe 23 months ago

He sure is!
MrsP58 stagebandman 23 months ago
The question is what do we remember. Googling the answers to a quiz is cheating. Shame.
DixieVal 23 months ago
PS.... I did pretty good on Perry Mason, actually only missed one!! Said I'd give Paul Drake a run for his money!! 😂 But on the candies.. Missed 2...Id never heard of.. 🤗
Lol, I'm surprised they didn't have those candy + (bubble gum) cigarettes that blew the dust out like smoke! Lol, y'all remember those?? Of course most of us now have COPD & Emphysema 🤔. Go figure... See what those candy cigs did?? No, actually, the fact that dang near everybody smoked back in the 60s, 50, 40s, etc it was so common! Now vaping is helping ppl quit cigs all over the world! Remember what year they removed cigarette commercials from TV?? I'm thinking 72 or 73... Anybody know, without googling the answer? 😁
RobCertSDSCascap DixieVal 23 months ago
Yep- 1971.
Funny that commercials for lighters lingered on, like Bic and Cricket.
RobCertSDSCascap DixieVal 23 months ago
Loved those bubblegum cigs!
Tlor DixieVal 23 months ago
I loved candy cigarettes, nobody in my family smoked. Not even pipe or cigars! I never even tried smoking myself. Candy cigarettes are just that candy and it was fun. Everyone wants to blame them for people who smoked, a lot of baloney!
MrsPhilHarris DixieVal 23 months ago
I remember black licorice pipes and cigars. The end of the cigar had little, red bead-like candies and the bowl of the pipe had the same. Was supposed to look like the were lit.
MrsP58 DixieVal 23 months ago
The "dust" was powdered sugar. You could blow once from each end, but once the paper was damp on both ends, there was no more blowing. I also remember chocolate cigarettes and bubble gum cigars.
MrsPhilHarris MrsP58 22 months ago
I loved those. The ones I had tasted like chalk. Yum!
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