Can we guess your age from the commercial jingles you remember?

The ads stuck in your memory probably reveal your generation.

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Guessing your age is not an exact science — kind of like advertising. Sometimes we just get lucky. 

Likewise, you have heard hundreds of jingles throughout your lifetime. There's no better way to stick a brand in your head than with a pop hook. Big companies have continually changed their slogans and taglines over the decades.

The ones floating around in your brain are most likely the ones from your most impressionable age in front of the television. Or so we're hoping. 

Answer the following advertising questions and see how close we can get.
  1. What slogan first comes to mind when you see this logo?
    Image: Wikipedia
  2. Sticking with the cola wars, how about this one? What jingle comes to mind?
    Image: Wikipedia
  3. What lyric gets stuck in your brain when you see the golden arches?
    Image: Wikipedia
  4. What about Burger King?
    Image: Wikipedia
  5. What jingle or slogan came to mind when you saw this hot dog?
    Image: Wikimedia Commons
  6. Is there something bubbling to the top of your mind when you see Alka-Seltzer?
    Image: Wikimedia Commons
  7. Here is some beer. What song just popped in your head?
  8. One word: CEREAL. What slogan brings back fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons?
  9. Chew on this one for a second. What is your favorite chewing gum lyric to sing along with?
    Image: Thinkstock
  10. What jingle races through your mind when you think "car commercial"?

Can we guess your age from the commercial jingles you remember?

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KarenMeadePotts 23 months ago
They got mine wrong, too! I also received a 64. I'm only 62. Don't want to add years.

KevinHartford 23 months ago
64? I'll be 60 in 11 days. My first thought for beer was "From the land of sky blue water "
ubob 23 months ago
Where were "Things go better with Coca Cola" and "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" for Coke? And where were "Here's to Good Friends", "Bring Out Your Best" and "Off to Dublin in the Green" for beer? And why am I thirsty all of a sudden?
DerekBird 23 months ago
You are 53 years old
Who could forgot those commercials from the 1970s? It was the golden age of Ronald McDonald and Mason Reese.

Very close, I just turned 57 on Christmas Day.
Nightshade1972 DerekBird 23 months ago
I got the same answer you did. I'll be 50 in about three weeks.

Karen 31 months ago
A bit off with this one 64 and I'm 52.
idkwut2use 33 months ago
64? Nope, you nearly doubled it: 33. ^^
dashingknight 43 months ago
it was wrong i was 9 not 64 i geussed them all correct
DerekBird dashingknight 23 months ago
They weren't trivia questions. It was closer to being a poll and how are you 9 years old?
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