Are you more Andy Griffith or Barney Fife?

Does your personality match up with Sheriff Andy or Deputy Barney? Step into Mayberry and take the test.

Andy Taylor was America’s favorite television sheriff, the gentle, soft-spoken protector of Mayberry. Barney Fife was Andy’s skittish deputy, loyal and sweet but also childish and just a touch delusional. 

Find out if your personality more closely resembles that of the sagely sheriff or his manic deputy. The results might surprise you.

  1. Pick a favorite hobby.
  2. Time for dinner. What do you want to eat?
  3. What is your hidden talent?
  4. What is you favorite vacation spot?
  5. What is your notion of a dream date?
  6. What is the best pick-up line?
  7. What line best describes your outlook on law and order?
  8. Home is…
  9. Someone just made an illegal U-turn! What do you do?
Are you more Andy Griffith or Barney Fife?

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