Andy Griffith Show quiz: ''Bailey's Bad Boy''

See what you remember from this classic episode!

Here's a quiz about Season 2 Episode 15 of The Andy Griffith Show, "Bailey's Bad Boy."

In it, Andy and Barney face a dilemma when guest star Bill Bixby crashes his car in Mayberry.

What happens? What do you remember? Put your memory to the test with this handy dandy quiz. Here's hoping you can nip it in the bud!

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  1. Bill Bixby plays the bad boy in the title, "Bailey's Bad Boy." What's the character's first name?
  2. How old is the young Master Bailey, as played by Bixby?
  3. Despite the credits stating that automobiles were furnished by Ford, what kind of pickup truck is in the first scene?
  4. Which actor on the show actually had the middle name "Bailey?"
  5. What hymn does Barney sing to lull Otis to sleep?
  6. Jon Lormer (Fletch Dilbeck) played two other characters in two different episodes. Which character did he NOT play?
  7. Andy assigns Barney to watch which of the following at the movie house?
  8. The calendar in Otis' cell places the action of this episode in what month?
  9. What's the name of the Baileys' lawyer?
  10. Which movie reunited Don Knotts and Bill Bixby?

Andy Griffith Show quiz: ''Bailey's Bad Boy''

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gockionni 2 days ago
8/10, guess I don’t pay attention to everything 😂
Sway 3 days ago
7/10.. missed the last three
retro6 3 days ago
4/10 I should have phoned a friend. That was hard!
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
6/10 I never notice calendars on tv shows.
retro6 MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
I actually got that one right of the 4 I got correct!
Maverick66 4 days ago
8/10. Missed #8 & 10. Never would've gotten #8 - I don't pay that close attention to any TV show.
Big3Fan 4 days ago
I missed numbers eight and ten. And I happen to like celery.
Fred_Clampett 4 days ago
6 of 10. TAGS quizzes are always tough. And I watched this one two days ago.
Wendy57 4 days ago
Another challenging Andy Griffith Show quiz for this Mayberry fan.
I always get a kick out of when Andy and Barney listen to Leonard Blush together.
teire 4 days ago
4/10. Seen it many times, remember a lot about it. But not the answers to most of these questions.
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