New Mayberry Apparel in the MeTV Store

Now we don our Don Knotts apparel.

Fans of The Andy Griffith Show, now there are even more ways to don Don. That's right — we have added even more Andy apparel to the MeTV Store.

View all the new apparel added to the MeTV Store featuring the characters you love from the town of Mayberry!

Watch The Andy Griffith Show on MeTV!

Weeknights at 8 PM & 8:30 PM

*available in most MeTV markets

1. Tree Photo T-Shirt

A timeless photo of Andy, Barney and Opie.

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2. 3 Funny Guys T-Shirt

Featuring your friends from Mayberry who always keep you laughing.

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3. Gone Fishing T-Shirt

"Go ahead... You know you want to whistle!"

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4. Barney Fife Fight T-Shirt

A  "no-nonsense" type of shirt. 

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5. All American T-Shirt

A classic, All American graphic T-shirt.

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6. Mayberry Jail T-Shirt

"Nobody Escapes From The Mayberry Jail."

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7. I Am The Law T-Shirt

"Re-Elect Deputy Barney Fife!"

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8. 3 Amigos T-Shirt

Andy, Barney and Opie: The 3 Amigos

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9. Classic Andy T-Shirt

For a sophisticated look...

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10. Wise Words T-Shirt

A snapshot of one of the many great moments between Andy and Opie.

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kgodoy58 11 months ago
I would like a shirt with the Darling’s on it, and Brisco blowing in his jug😁
dee 11 months ago
I want a shirt with Otis the town drunk!
LucyImHome1951 11 months ago
I still want a shirt with Don that says “Mayberry, gateway to danger.” I NEED that shirt!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
denny 11 months ago
Whistle shirt probably the best of this bunch. Check point chickie with Barney and the motorcycle would have been a good one.
Moriyah 11 months ago
Why is there no Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. stuff on the store? I think there's actually a chance where that stuff will be on there.
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