Did you own a pair of Moon Boots as a kid?

Your favorite winter footwear from childhood is in fashion again. Here are 5 fun facts about moon boots.

It's the ultimate "back in my day" cliché — boasting about how difficult your walk to school was in the winter. "I had to walk a mile through a foot of snow." Trust us, some of us did. But we'd be lying if we said it was a rough trek. In fact, stomping through thick powder was a joy as a child, mostly because we wore Moon Boots.

These puffy, comfy winter boots were all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s. The nylon marshmallows for your feet came in rainbow colors and made any kid feel like Neil Armstrong or Han Solo on Hoth. Thing is, "Moon Boots" was not just a cute name. The retro winter wear was in fact inspired by the Apollo moon landing.

Cut to 2017 and the Moon Boot, like all fashion eventually does, has launched back into style. The kid in us really wants a pair. 

Here are five fun facts about Moon Boots. Did you wear Moon Boots growing up? 

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1. They are an Italian invention.

Giancarlo Zanatta, a bootmaker from northern Italy, was visiting New York when he witnessed the moon landing on July 20, 1969. He was immediately taken by the chunky footwear on Armstrong and crew. Upon returning, he commissioned the design team at his company Tecnica to whip up a boot inspired by the NASA look.

Image source: Moon Boot

2. They were first created in 1970

The Moon Boot hit the market in 1970. Eight years later, Tecnica trademarked the name Moon Boot, though numerous knock-offs were on the market by that time. Though it is a brand name, that style of snow wear was called a moon boot, like Dumpsters or Kleenex.

Image source: Wish Book Web

3. They were intended as after-ski boots.

It's no wonder that Moon Boots look like bulky ski boots (minus the buckles and latches). The were originally intended for the ski chalet, for someone to slip on in the chalet after getting off the slopes. The specialized sportwear broke out into the general market, perhaps because kids were so fascinated with outer space.

Image source: Buddha Jeans

4. Tecnica has sold over 25 million pairs

The Tecnica company claims to have sold enough moon boots to cover the feet of everyone in Texas. Of course, this does not count the cheaper off-brand versions, which were far more widespread, like in this ad from the 1980s.

5. Moon Boots are considered high art by the Louvre Museum

In 2000, Paris' Louvre deemed the Moon Boot one of the 20th Century’s major design symbols alongside the VW Beetle. So if you decide to relive your childhood and slip on a pair, consider yourself a connoisseur of the fine arts.

Image source: Wish Book Web

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