9 vintage Baker's Chocolate ads that will have you craving chocolate cake

We need storytelling like this in advertisements again.

For years, Baker's Chocolate put out some tantalizing chocolate cake advertisements that made baking seem easy and fun. Each ad was elaborate, and some of them even told complex stories.

Baker's Chocolate is still a company, but storytelling like this in print ads is a thing of the past. We took a look at some of the best stories and ads about one of America's favorite desserts. You'll soon realize there really was a recipe for every occasion!

What's your favorite chocolate cake recipe?

1. Double Mocha Chocolate Cake

In this ad, Sue's husband describes how his wonderful wife made the best chocolate cake ever the night before when his boys came over to play cards. What kind of cake was it? Double Mocha Chocolate Cake, of course. 

Image credit: Pinterest

2. Morocco Chocolate Cake

This recipe was exotic enough to have the name "Morocco," but plain enough to satisfy the pickiest eaters. Bonus points for the woman's rhyme at the top of the ad. 

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Chocolate Devil's Food Cake

Formal enough to use with your finest china, and simple enough to bring to a children's birthday party. Best of all, it's easy to make!

Image credit: Dying for Chocolate

4. Paula's Golden Cream Chocolate Cake

As far as advertisements go, this one is truly elaborate. It tells the tale of Paula's disapproving mother-in-law and how she magically accepts Paula after trying her delicious chocolate cake. (You can see a larger version of the ad here.)

Image credit: Dying for Chocolate

5. Chocolate Peppermint Cake

The holidays may be over, but it's never too late in the winter to crave this chocolate peppermint cake. 

Image credit: Dying for Chocolate

6. Wellesley Chocolate Fudge Cake

For those looking for a little twist on the standard chocolate cake, this chocolate fudge cake could do the trick. This ad also features a "Personals" section by the "Baker Chocolate Girl."

Fun fact: The woman's image used on Baker's chocolate is actually from a famous 18th century French painting called "The Chocolate Girl." The company obtained the rights to use her image on its packaging. 

Image credit: Pinterest

7. Enchanted Chocolate Cake

The ad says this chocolate cake is the perfect spooky treat for Halloween. 

Image credit: Pinterest

8. Father's Day Cake

You can't forget about dad when you bake a cake! Baker's Chocolate reminded consumers that a chocolate cake is the perfect way to show how much you appreciate your dad on Father's Day. 

Image credit: Dying for Chocolate

9. Chocolate Spice Ribbon Cake

Chocolate and spice, and everything nice. Baker's Chocolate boldly claimed this cake had everything - tenderness, fluffiness, cream filling, fudge frosting, and two of the loveliest flavors for cake. 

Image credit: advertisingcliche.com

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RedjacArbez 37 months ago
When I was boy of 8 or so....We were poor..... But we were fed well.
One day I did something wrong....So my witch (mom) decided to, as a treat give 1/2 a square of Baker's Chocolate but not for me....I was angry and looked to find revenge on that witch and that flying monkey of a brother of mine....SO I switched boxes and put the bitter in the semi sweet box and............. LOL you know what is going on now....Best revenge ever!!!
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