9 food mascots that will take you back to your childhood

These guys made food so much tastier back when we were kids.

Growing up, a product was just plain old boring if it didn't have a bright and bubbly cartoon mascot. We couldn't imagine eating vegetables without the Jolly Green Giant there to help us, or eat bananas without the Chiquita Banana telling us when they had reached peak ripeness. 

A lot of these mascots were iconic back then, and still are today. Here's a look back at the mascots that made everything tastier. 

1. Chiquita Banana

Bananas - you either loved them or hated them growing up. But the Chiquita Banana made eating bananas a lot more appealing with her festive clothing and famous jingle. 

Image: Elsa

2. Poppin' Fresh

Sweet, loveable, and pudgy are all words to describe Pillsbury's doughy mascot. Everyone calls him the Pillsbury Doughboy, but his actual name is Poppin' Fresh. Hoo-hoo!!

Image: Flickr

3. Twinkie the Kid

The delicious cowboy urged us to eat to Twinkies throughout the 1970s. It didn't take much for us to say no, though. 

Image: YouTube

4. Keebler Elves

It's hard to imagine Keebler without the elves. In the back of your mind, you still think they make those cookies in a hollow tree. 

Image: YouTube

5. Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut was cool even before his super-hip makeover. 

Image: mycomicshop.com

6. Jolly Green Giant

It's a big task to make kids like their vegetables, and the Jolly Green Giant was up for it. Thanks to him, he made generations of kids a little healthier. 

Image: ebay

7. Charlie the Tuna

Charlie's goal in life was to become a StarKist tuna. But alas, the company was looking for tuna that tasted good, not tuna with good taste. 

Image: The Wild Robot

8. Frito Bandito

If this mascot sounded familiar, that's because it was. Mel Blanc voiced the Frito Bandito, as well as Speedy Gonzales from the Looney Tunes. The mascot was discontinued in the early '70s for being culturally insensitive. 

Image: Wikipedia

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MacGyver59 26 months ago
And, after you ate too much and got indigestion, Speedy Relief told you to get some Alka Seltzer. Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!
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