8 things you never knew about Bugles

America loves the corn chip you can put on your fingers.

Was it a snack or was it a toy? Growing up, Bugles took a while to eat because they were so fun to play with. We'd put one chip on each finger, pretend to be a witch with long nails, and chomp them one by one until our hands were bare again.

Chomp down on some fascinating facts about the snack that was a blast to eat. 

Top image: Flickr

1. They were announced in a press release.

The hype started early. General Mills announced the arrival of Bugles with a press release in 1964. 

Image: General Mills

2. Bugles debuted regionally.

Two years before the snack went nationwide in 1966, it debuted in six markets: Seattle, Portland, Omaha, Des Moines, Buffalo and Syracuse. 

Image: Minnesota's New Country

3. They debuted with two other snacks.

In order to ramp up its line of snack foods, General Mills debuted Bugles with two other snacks: Whistles and Daisy*s. Those snacks, shaped like tubes and scoops, didn't impact the market quite like the conical Bugles and were discontinued shortly after. 

Image: box vox

4. There are currently four flavors.

Right now, you can find four different flavors at your grocery store: original, nacho cheese, chocolate peanut butter, and caramel. Past flavors included ranch, sour cream and onion, salsa, hot buffalo, and barbecue. 

Image: General Mills

5. They have always been made at the same place.

Bugles have always been cooked up at the same plant in West Chicago, Illinois. That will change in 2017, when General Mills plans to close the facility

Image: General Mills

6. Remember when it came in a box?

Bugles are currently sold in a bag, but they used to come in a box like crackers or cereal (do not try pouring milk over them, trust us). 

Image: Tumblr

7. Canadians love their Bugles.

General Mills discontinued the snack up north in 2008, and Canadians weren't happy. They took to social media to pressure the company to bring Bugles back. And in 2012, Bugles returned to store shelves in Canada. 

Image: Walmart

8. They're fun to eat!

This one goes without saying! Who remembers sticking them on your fingers and eating each one off?

Image: Buzzfeed

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ChuckPayne 32 months ago
Boy, no did their home work. Dollar Tree still sells Ranch and BBQ. Maybe major stores don't sell them, but you still can buy a few.
MacGyver59 32 months ago
Bring back the sour cream & onion!
Peterson 46 months ago
Just bought a bag and they are not Buggles now. Most were closed or splayed open. Any that were open would not fit a finger! To bad I told my son about they and we were both disappointed. Retuning them.
Semipicky 47 months ago
I just bought a bag, and half of them are splayed open or one sided, and very few that are bugle shaped would even fit on my 3 year old granddaughters fingers. Quality control?
Thomas 54 months ago
damn they realy did the canedians like that racist bastards
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