7 more fast food chains we wish we could eat at again

Arthur Treacher's and Hamburger Hamlet will forever have a place in our hearts... and stomachs.

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Don't you wish you could go back in time and have one last meal at your favorite fast food joint of yore? Let's look at some more defunct restaurants from back in the day that we can no longer visit. 

1. Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Don't tell the Brits, but this fast food joint had the best fish and chips on the planet! In the late 1970s, there were about 800 locations across the country. Today, there are only eight remaining in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you live near one, we seriously envy you. 

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2. Mister Donut

Before there was Dunkin' Donuts, there was Mister Donut. The fast food chain opened its doors in 1956 and opened hundreds of locations across the country, but most converted to Dunkin' Donuts in the 1980s after the parent company bought them out. Today there are still 1,300 Mister Donut locations — but you'll have to travel to East Asia to visit. 

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3. Royal Castle

Not to be confused with White Castle — or even White Tower for that matter — the Miami-based Royal Castle was also famous for serving some delicious sliders. Once Burger King and McDonald's arrived, Royal Castle began to lose ground, and the chain's 175 quickly began to disappear. 

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4. Naugles

Before people were obsessed with Chipotle, there was Naugles. Founded by a former Del Taco partner in 1970, Naugles had about 200 locations before it actually merged with Del Taco in 1988. 

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5. All-American Burgers

Speaking of Chipotle, that's exactly what replaced the last location for All-American Burgers in 2010. The regional chain, opened in 1968, was made famous for being featured in the '80s classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

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6. Big Boy

In the 1970s, Big Boy has just over 1,000 restaurants that were franchised across the United States. Of course, the chain was distinguishable by its jovial mascot. However, Big Boy eventually went into decline, and if you live outside Michigan, you might have a hard time finding a location near you. Just 10 remain outside the Great Lakes State.

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7. Hamburger Hamlet

The legendary hamburger chain once hosted the country's biggest stars, and Oprah and Roger Ebert even went on a date at one of their locations in the 1980s. The West Hollywood based chain went nationwide, but closed a bunch of locations in the 1990s. Today, only one remains in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.  

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KJ1 23 months ago
Big Boy Restaurant Group, LLC has 69 US locations.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 27 months ago
Arthur Treacher's and Big Boy's are the only two I've ever heard of -- and ate at.
Itsmetoo 27 months ago
Naugles! OMG they were the best!
We still crave their beans and cheese and their nachos late at night.
I called Del Taco in California and they had no clue about the Naugles restaurants.
Don't you hate it when one of your favorite places to eat disappears!
Just like Sweet Tomatoes! I loved their salad bars and soups.
Remember Fuddruckers? They got bought out and the food quality dropped, no wonder.
WayneKeith 27 months ago
Big Boy is my all-time favorite burger and thankfully we still have two open in the Cleveland area
MichaelVegas 29 months ago
There use to be a Big Boy in Baker California I think it was called, on the way from Las Vegas to LA, I use to go there anytime I went to Vegas, but they too closed down a few years ago, now the only memory I have of them is the salad dressing you can buy in stores
Annisette 30 months ago
The first and original Bob's Big Boy was a small hamburger 'stand' on Colorado Blvd in Glendale California and I don't know the date it opened. I used to spend a LOT of time there when it was the larger restaurant on the original site. I still remember the picture of the original stand they had on the wall when you went in. Spent many a Friday night 'cruisin' Bob's Big Boy...it was THE hangout in Glendale in the 60's.
retrodon 30 months ago
My first job was at the Lemoyne, Pa. Mister Donut in 1974. It's now an El Rodeo Mexican restaurant.
Tlor 30 months ago
I only remember Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips and YES I DO miss that!
moax429 Tlor 30 months ago
Me, too. I also liked those huge fancy-cut fries that came with the fish.
Faffs 32 months ago
Big Boy is known as Frisch's here in Ohio, and still uses Big Boy as the logo, and is thriving. We got delivery from there at least once a month during the pandemic lockdowns, and now pick up from there every couple of weeks.
RedSamRackham 36 months ago
* British style fish & chips never impressed me! I prefer McDonald's Filet O Fish with fries! ☺ Big Boy near us has been Kappy's family restaurant for years ☺ Burger Chef did bizarre TV ad with secret service in POTUS limo stopping at a highway Burger Chef to get burgers, fries and soft drinks from nerdy teen counter guy. ☺
frances3agape 38 months ago
Here in the South, we still have some SHONEYS.
If my memory is correct, some had that BIG BOY sign and a Big Boy sandwich.
Martin 38 months ago
All American Burger was one of the few fast food places that served beer. That's one thing I liked about it.

There's still a Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. It's a traditional drive in restaurant.
EdCaf 51 months ago
Long Island still has two Arthur Treacher's and we still have an All American Burger in Massapequa although I don't think it was part of the chain famous in California.
PaulMinturn 54 months ago
Treacher's still licenses out its fish & chips business. Here in Rochester, NY we have a local pizza chain called Salvatores. At several of their restaurants you can get Treacher's food!
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